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By Josh Bell-Webster,
Online Editor, CFL.ca

Football, like most sports, is a numbers game.

How many yards does a quarterback pass for? How many tackles does a linebacker make? How many field goals is a kicker successful on? While sometimes numbers can be deceiving, for the most part it paints an accurate portrayal of how well a player plays between the lines.

But football, as Kent Austin is known to say, is the ultimate team sport. Perhaps the quarterback’s numbers are affected by a poor offensive line. A linebacker may not get the opportunity to pad his statistics since the opposing team’s offence is geared towards exposing another weaker player. Perhaps the head coach likes to gamble on third downs inside the opponent’s 35 yard line, not giving his kicker an opportunity to attempt field goals from shorter distances.

The same can be said about CFL Evaluation Camp. While statistics are an easy way to compare players with their peers, it doesn’t necessarily mean great E-Camp stats make a great football player. Is a player intelligent enough to learn a pro team’s systems quickly? Does a player have good enough hands to catch the ball? Does a running back have the ability to pick up a blitzing defensive back?

It is with this in mind that I present the Top 10 players who attended CFL Evaluation Camp this past weekend, based solely on results from five categories; bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 40-yard dash and the 20-yard shuttle. Each of the 52 players were given a mark based on their standings in each of the categories. Using the bench press as an example, Tim St. Pierre, who led all E-Camp participants by lifting 225 pounds 31 times, was given a mark of 52. Runner-up Dimitri Tsoumpas, who finished with 30 bench presses, received 51 points. The player that finished last received one point.

Any players who had equal results were graded the same number of points based on their standings. For example, Dylan Barker, Shea Emry and Terry Firr all recorded the second-best mark of 37.5 inches in the vertical jump. Each were given a mark of 50; the result of adding 51, 50 and 49 and dividing the number by three. Players who were injured for any of these events received a mark of one, and did not grade well as a result.

Without further adieu, here is a look at the Top 10 performers.

Evaluation Camp RankingsHighest Possible Individual Result: 52Highest Possible Total Result: 260
GIGUERE, SamuelSherbrookeWR3552525052241
BARKER, DylanSaskatchewanDB2150515248.5222.5
BROWNE, BradyManitobaDB48.536504046.5221
EMRY, SheaBritish ColumbiaLB38.5504244.543.5218.5
ARAKGI, JasonMcMasterLB4247.537.54346.5216.5
STEPHENSON, DarylWindsorRB45.547.54446.532.5216
FIRR, TerryManitobaWR3650434829206
LABBE, Pierre-LucSherbrookeLB45.5392541.551202
GODDING, KeithBishop'sWR743.546.55150198
STINSON, MarkTorontoWR3143.54833.535.5191.5

With his first place ranking in three of the five events, Samuel Giguere of Sherbrooke was the clear winner with Dylan Barker of Saskatchewan and Brady Browne of Manitoba keeping pace on the defensive side. The list includes a good mix of receivers, defensive backs, linebackers and one former Hec Crighton Award winning running back. This is not surprising given the athletic skills needed at these positions.

Note that no offensive or defensive linemen cracked the Top 10, which doesn’t suggest that these individuals are not great athletes. Trench warfare on the gridiron takes a different skill set altogether; linemen aren’t expected to have 4.50 times in the 40-yard dash, for example. Realistically, these guys don’t have a lot of ground to cover. Strength is the most important attribute at these positions.

Tale of the Tape

Tallest Evaluation Camp Participant

Luke Van Ruyven, DE, McGill -- 6 feet, 6.7 inches

Shortest Evaluation Camp Participant

Sammy Okpro, DB, Concordia -- 5 feet, 8.4 inches

Average Height -- 6 feet, 1.5 inches

Heaviest Evaluation Camp Participant

Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, G, Laval -- 309 lbs.

Lightest Evaluation Camp Participant

Paul Woldu, DB, Saskatchewan -- 164 lbs.

Average Weight -- 227.5 lbs.

Largest Hand

Dimitri Tsoumpas, G, Weber State -- 10.875 inches

Smallest Hand

Corey McNair, DB, Western Ontario -- 8.125 inches

Average Hand Size -- 9.6 inches

Longest Arm Span

Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge, T, Montreal -- 36.5 inches

Shortest Arm Span -- Tie

Marc Beswick, DB, Saint Mary’s -- 29.5 inches
Mark Stinson, WR, Toronto -- 29.5 inches

Average Arm Span -- 32.4 inches

Top Bench Press

Tim St. Pierre, LB, Saint Mary’s -- 31 reps

Average Bench Press -- 15 reps

Top Vertical Jump

Samuel Giguere, WR, Sherbrooke -- 42 inches

Average Vertical Jump -- 31 inches

Top Broad Jump

Dylan Barker, DB, Saskatchewan -- 10 feet, 5.5 inches

Average Broad Jump -- 9 feet, 0.5 inches

Top 40-Yard Dash Time

Samuel Giguere, WR, Sherbrooke -- 4.49 seconds

Average 40-Yard Dash Time -- 4.95 seconds

Top Shuttle Time

Samuel Giguere, WR, Sherbrooke -- 4.10 seconds

Average Shuttle Time -- 4.53 seconds