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WINNIPEG -- We’re just one week into the new CFL season, and the health of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers has already become a hot topic across the CFL.

In what has become a rather unpleasant occurrence, Buck Pierce was again forced to leave a game before the final whistle, suffering a knee injury midway through Winnipeg’s Week 1 loss to the BC Lions.

While early reports indicated that Pierce would miss Friday’s game against the Alouettes because of the injury, the Bombers’ depth chart has set the record straight, with Pierce slated in the top spot ahead of Alex Brink and Joey Elliott.

Heading into tomorrow night’s contest in Montreal, Pierce stressed the importance of being more dynamic offensively.

“We have to come out stronger as an offence,” said Pierce.  

“We have to be more two-dimensional and allow our run game to get going so that we can keep their defence off balance. Montreal is going to be just as hungry for a win and they’re going to want to do it in front of their home crowd.”

Protecting Pierce has become somewhat of a challenge dating back to last season for the Bombers. Last week, the team’s offensive line allowed four sacks, the highest among any team during kickoff weekend.

However, the O-Line will receive somewhat of a boost this week, as veteran tackle Glenn January is set to make his season debut protecting Pierce’s blindside.

January sat out the entire pre-season with a leg injury. He’s excited to return to the lineup after a lengthy absence.

“One man can only do so much so I’m not going to be able to do it all,” said January.  

“But I thought the guys did a fairly good job last week and we just have to focus on keeping Buck upright and opening up holes for our running backs.”

Defensively, the Bombers are expected to welcome defensive end Jason Vega back into the lineup as well.

Vega has been battling an undisclosed injury, and should prove to be an ample improvement to a lacking pass rush.

“I’m just excited to get back on the field and knock heads with someone other than my teammates,” said Vega.  

“They have a very good quarterback, a very good running back and a very good and experienced offensive line so we’ll have our work cut out for us.  But we’re feeling good.”

The Blue Bombers travel to Montreal to take on the Alouettes at 7pm ET on TSN.

Fan Comments
Corogrin please note that WASHINGTON, D of the winnipeg BB is not showing up on the league leaders stats (which he clearly should be by his preformance last week)

I agree CLFsteve, I am tired of watching a great defense be outdone by a poor offence on the same team. The reality is that I think our back ups are the way to go, we need to grow a QB because we aren't just going to pic one up outta no where. Pierce needs to show something HUGE in order to change my perspective of him running the Offence. Hope the coaches see that too.
July 06, 2012 - 9:20am
Pierce is running out of chances for sure. If he indeed does start tomorrow night and the results are the same as his precious 20 games dating back to last season at what point do the Bombers make the move to bench pierce and give Brink a chance. He clearly had a much better understanding and control of the offense. How long will it take for the Bombers players to lose confidence in pierce if they already havent. For the Bombers sake I hope that game 1 was a huge wake up call and he will be ready to run the O correctly with confidence but from watching the game and last season I just do not see it happening.
July 05, 2012 - 7:57pm