's Top 20 Free Agents of 2014 | | Official Site of the Canadian Football League

Chris Milo, Kicker: The only kicker to crack our top 20, Milo potentially hits the market as the league's second most
accuracte kicker in 2013.

Jovon Johnson, Cornerback/Safety: Only two years removed from his Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award,
Johnson can be a useful piece to any defence looking for a top-tier safety.

Jamall Johnsion, Linebacker: The hard-hitting linebacker saw a dip in his tackles total for a fifth straight year, but
there's no denying he'll be able to contribute on any defence in the league.

Chad Simpson, Running Back: Injuries derailed the import's 2013 season, but if healthy, Simpson's bruising speed
can help make any offence in the league a little better.

Alex Hall, Defensive End: Though it's believed he'll take his talents south of the border in 2014, Hall enters our
list due to his sheer dominance last season. If his shot down south doesn't work, he'll be an attractive target
in the open CFL market.

Jock Sanders, Running Back: Looking for that speedy, elusive tailback that appears ready to become a starter?
Jock Sanders might be your man.

Will Ford, Running Back: Simpson's injury replacement, Ford had himself quite the season in limited action. The
speedy tailback/returner could be a steal in the open market if Winnipeg chooses to let him walk.

Torrey Davis, Defensive Lineman:  Set to enter his fourth CFL season, Davis could be in for a big year if given
the chance.

Damaso Munoz, Linebacker: Heading into his fourth CFL season, Munoz enters free agency as one of the more
underrated players in the crop. He'll be a difference maker wherever he lands.

Ted Laurent, Defensive Tackle: The Montreal native has seen an increase in his stats for three straight years now,
and it doesn't appear as though he'll be slowing down any time soon.

Kory Sheets, Running Back: He's already said he'll be back in Saskatchewan if his tryout down south doesn't work
out, which is why the 101st Grey Cup MVP slots in at number 10.

Cordarro Law, Defensive Lineman: He's young (25), fast and finished second to only veteran Charleston Hughes
in sacks last season with 14. He'll certainly garner some attention out there.

Robert McCune, Linebacker: The Hammer missed a few games and the Eastern Final due to injury, but his 99 
tackles and four sacks made 2013 his best season yet.

Cary Koch, Receiver: Koch was having a career year in Edmonton before sustaining a knee injury in the Labour
Day rematch against Calgary. Koch had already surpassed his career-high in receptions with 42, and collected
516 yards and four TDs in just nine games.

Craig Butler, Linebacker: He wants to come back to the Riders, but understands that he might hit the open market.
If he does indeed enter free agency, expect Butler's phone to be ringing all day.

Patrick Watkins, Defensive Back: With 10 interceptions in his last two seasons, Watkins will certainly raise some
interest if Jim Barker allows him to enter free agency.

Josh Bourke, Offensive Lineman: The 2011 Most Outstanding Lineman was rock solid in protecting Anthony Calvillo for the last seven years. Who will he be protecting in 2014?

Keron Williams, Defensive End: Williams has been one of the more dominant defensive ends for the last three
seasons, registering 27 sacks during that same span.

Shea Emry, Linebacker: One of the league's most prolific linebackers, Emry saw a slight dip in his stats in 2013.
Still, expect him to gain plenty of interest if Jim Popp allows him to walk .

Nick Moore, Receiver: In just his third season, Moore finished with 1,105 receiving yards, good enough for tops 
among all Lions and third in the league. The electric pass-catcher will be a target for all GMs if he hits the market.

Fan Comments
With #9 on this list (Cordarro Law) signing with the Chargers (NFL), I wonder if the Stamps might target #3 on this list (Keron Williams) to replace him? Such a move would reunite Williams with his former Defensive Coordinator (Stubler) and former teammate (Bell) in Calgary.

Go Stamps!
February 14, 2014 - 1:12pm
#4 is #1. WR #1? No way. LB #1? No way. Way over-rated Emry.

When your OL wins, the team wins. It's that simple.
February 11, 2014 - 3:44am
als rule
@S2: couldn't agree more!! #1 is T bourke and #2 is DT/DE williams!!
February 11, 2014 - 9:23am
I'd put Butler at #1 just because he's a Canadian, and he can play linebacker or safety. Man I hope the Riders can find the money for him.
February 10, 2014 - 9:59pm
als rule
is the cats DT davis on popp's shopping list tomorrow?!!
February 10, 2014 - 9:43pm
I'm not sure Butler wants to be a Rider all that bad. We here in Saskatchewan love him, but he has been pretty adamant about testing free agency, right from the end of the season.
February 10, 2014 - 8:34pm