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REGINA -- Like many of his colleagues across the league, Roughriders GM Brendan Taman wasn’t too pleased about losing three of his players in Monday’s Expansion Draft.

In almost a blink of the eye, Keith Shologan, Zack Evans and James Lee were plucked from the Roughriders roster by REDBLACKS general manager Marcel Desjardins.

And all Taman could do was sit and watch it all happen.

“It’s part of the business that we live in. All along they said it would be tougher on the players more than us, but it wasn’t one of the funnest conversations that I’ve had,” Taman told Riderville.com.

In all, Ottawa selected three players from each team, meaning all general managers across the league were forced to part ways with players who they had no interest in losing.

Taman, however, knows he isn’t the only one that lost crucial pieces to the Draft. Despite it being a rough day, Taman also understands that his loss is the league’s gain.

“I think we were hurt obviously with Keith and Zack. And James is going to be a good young player for them, but I think most teams lost someone important,” he said.

“Calgary lost a quarterback, BC lost a young quarterback and Hamilton lost a center. So you look around and most teams got hurt. But I think that is a good thing and its going to be a good thing for Ottawa and a good thing for the league.”

Arguably the biggest loss for the Riders was being forced to say good bye to Shologan and Evans, a pair of Canadian interior defensive lineman who gave Taman and head coach Corey Chamblin some ratio flexibility.

As a result of their departure, Taman says the Riders will be employing a pair of Americans in the position going forward.

Losing Shologan was an especially tough pill to swallow for Taman and the Riders.

“Contractually he was getting up there, but we didn’t think that it would deter them from (leaving him unprotected), as it turned out it didn’t so it was somewhat of a surprise.”

Overall, the process of deciding who to protect and who to leave unprotected was a tricky one for Taman.

Still, the GM isn’t worried that his team will suffer on the defensive line as a result of their departed assets.

“(Ricky Foley) was a good end force that played, and obviously that is a bonus. We have some good Americans on our practice roster who can develop into good players for us.”

Fan Comments
Riders have lots of Canadian talent so having to play another import at DT shouldn't hurt them too much. Still sad to see Shologan leave though, good Spruce Grove kid!
December 19, 2013 - 3:18pm
als rule
right attitude taman!! it is what it is!!
December 18, 2013 - 1:31pm