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O'Shea Named Blue Bombers Head Coach
Adam Gagnon

CFL.ca Staff

WINNIPEG -- Mike O'Shea is the new head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

O'Shea, 43, becomes the 30th head coach in Blue Bombers franchise history. The announcement comes three weeks after the team relieved former head coach Tim Burke of his duties.

"Mike knows what it takes to win in this league, and he has done that as both a player and as a coach,'' GM Kyle Walters said in a statement. "He is highly respected by his peers, and someone we feel is the right fit for what we are trying to build here. We're thrilled to have Coach O'Shea on board.''

The 43-year-old O'Shea is the second Argo assistant to leave in the off-season. Defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones was named head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos last week.

"This is truly an honour to take over as head coach for such a historic franchise and one of the landmarks of Canadian football,'' O'Shea said in a statement. "The organization, our fans, the city and province deserve a winner, and I assure you we will do everything in our power to make all of those people proud.''

The North Bay, Ont. native arrives in Winnipeg after spending the last four seasons with the Toronto Argonauts as their Special Teams Coordinator.

While heading the Argonauts' special teams he helped Chad Owens develop into one of the premier kick returners in the CFL.  In 2010, Owens was named the league's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player and earned Most Outstanding Player honours in 2012 while under O'Shea.

O’Shea played 16 CFL seasons, including 12 with the Argonauts and four with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, winning three Grey Cup championships (1996-1997, 2004) with Toronto in the process. 

He also won one championship while on the Argonauts' coaching staff in 2012.

Fan Comments
als rule
as for tom higgins leaving the CFL head office thank goodness!!
December 06, 2013 - 12:09am
I'm very excited, thrilled and intrigued by Mike O'Shea being named head coach of the Bombers. Hope he has lots of success. Believe in Blue
December 05, 2013 - 4:18pm
I see Mike as a motivater and a hard worker but if they don't have good experienced offensive and defensive coordinators, it will be a long year. The Bombers need a good QB and a lot more talent on the field and great coaching. I don.t see this ending well for Mike, sorry.
December 05, 2013 - 7:48am
You're right!!!
December 05, 2013 - 11:09am
als rule
well of course the bombers need a healthy QB BUT let the man unpack his suitcase before he and miller work on the project of getting their QB!!!!
December 06, 2013 - 4:55pm
Will be interesting to see if O'Shea gets "pushed" into hiring Wade's buddy and business partner Khari as the OC. Hopefully not.
December 04, 2013 - 11:55pm
What's he going to do when the "O" breaks down? The BB's may have gotten it wrong again. Fresh blood is always good, ask a Great White Shark. They're feeding him and them to the Stamps, Riders, Lions, and I'm sure, an improving Eskimo team. Good Luck in the Wild, Wild, West.
December 04, 2013 - 9:59pm
Don't know what to think of this? Do the BBs finally have it right this time' or is this just another in a long line of BB mistakes. I have to say that of all the available candidates, I didn't see anyone else who looked like an obvious better choice, so we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best!
December 04, 2013 - 6:58pm
I wish O'shea all the best. It will be a challenge, but he convinced the Winnipeg brass over people who had more HC experience.

I am not sure that O'Shea should be given all the credit for developing Chad Owens. He was a great kick-off returner before he ever got to Toronto. In fact it was the fact that Owens could not break into the Montreal lineup as a receiver rather than as a kick return specialist that led him to Toronto for more money. Marc Trestman said he was not only a good kick returner but a great one.
December 04, 2013 - 3:55pm
als rule
hate to disagree with you BUT chad owen wasn't a great KO/PR returner before he got to toronto!! he was nothing special in montreal and owen did develop under mike O'Shea in T.O.!! owen was traded to the argos due to the fact he wouldn't take a pay cut from GM popp who said since he couldn't win a receivers position he couldn't afford to pay him a receiver's salary for a KO/PR man!! therefore owen wasn't led to T.O. for the "BIG MONEY"!! as for trestman saying that about owen I for one don't recall that statement!!
December 04, 2013 - 8:38pm
We are almost on the same page but not quite. The Alouettes had developed Owens as a KO/PR guy, and had also considered him as a receiver. But Popp felt he would not crack the Montreal line-up as a receiver and asked Owens to take a pay cut. Owens refused, and essentially left the team. Marc Trestman tried to change Owens mind with about a two or three hour conversation, but Owens wouldn't budge. It was after this conversation that Trestman said that Owens was not a great return man but a great one.

At this point that Barker of the Argos let it be known that he would pay Owens what he wanted, and the trade was made so that Popp would get at least something for him.

O'Shea did not develop Owens as a KO/PR, but the Argos did develop Owens further as a receiver.
December 05, 2013 - 10:37pm
als rule
@W31: no sorry montreal didn't make owens the returner he is today!! can't believe MT said that since he did nothing as a returner while in montreal!! popp traded him for a 4th round draft choice!! toronto further helped owens to be a better receiver BUT there's no question mike O'Shea developed owens into an all CFL returner not montreal!!
December 06, 2013 - 11:20am
I like O'Shea and wish him the best - but this is a team that has been spinning it's offensive wheels for several years. Here's hoping Bellefeuille can get the O clicking on his own, because I somehow doubt O'Shea will have much to contribute there. Well, if nothing else I do believe he'll get them working hard and decently organized. Tough task for him ahead, moving to the west.
December 04, 2013 - 2:54pm
als rule
glad to see another C get a shot at being a HC in the CFL BUT with no DC coaching history even if he was a LB for 15 years!! more importantly he has no offensive coaching history or input and yes I understand he doesn't have to BUT STC on a resume is not enough!! sorry wish him and the bombers much luck BUT the losing continues!!
December 04, 2013 - 2:43pm
December 04, 2013 - 3:03pm
small town argo
I know these are NFL examples, but they are still relevant. SUper Bowl winning HC's John Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin were never OC or DC before coming HC. Harbaugh was a ST coordinator (like O'shea) and Tomlin only a DB coach. In my opinion being a ST coordinator is on the same level as an OC and DC except they get to deal with both offense and defensive players. I think he will do just fine in the Peg. Good Luck Mike.
December 04, 2013 - 3:41pm
Actually Mike Tomlin was DC in Minnesota in 2006.
December 04, 2013 - 4:59pm
one of the good guys, if hard work and effort mean anything Mikey will be successful, if not, it's going to be a great experience for him, he has to start somewhere
now how bout Pre for Argos STC
December 04, 2013 - 2:39pm
als rule
by all means Pre!! LOL LOL LOL
December 04, 2013 - 4:39pm
small town argo
I have been thinking Pre should be the STC for a while now. He was basically a coach during the final weeks anyway. He brings more intensity to the position then Osh.
December 05, 2013 - 11:07am