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CALGARY -- With both Henry Burris and Joffrey Reynolds officially out of the picture in Calgary, two new eras are set to begin in the Stampeders’ offensive backfield.

Yes, Drew Tate is the new starting quarterback for the Stamps, and Cornish will no longer have to worry about a future hall of famer breathing down his neck. These are both stories that have been well publicized throughout the course of the off-season.

However, as Tate’s anointment to the throne made headlines across the CFL community all winter long, General Manager and Head Coach John Hufnagel was busy ensuring that his quarterback would have a worthy support staff to do battle with.

Who’s In:

Should Tate falter in his new role, Calgary will have a more-than-capable insurance policy standing behind him on the sidelines.

Veteran pivot Kevin Glenn was acquired in the Burris deal, and will likely be ready and willing on the sidelines as a backup.

Off the field, the Stampeders will welcome in Rick Campbell as their new defensive coordinator. Campbell replaces Dave Walkosky, who after being promoted to the same position in late December, resigned in favour of the Special Teams coordinator role at Georgia Tech.

In 2011, Campbell assumed the role of assistant head coach and special teams coordinator with the Edmonton Eskimos.

For the most part, Hufnagel stayed away from big-name free agents, but jumped at the opportunity of bringing on veteran linebacker Joe Lobendahn shortly after he was released by the Blue Bombers in early May.

He also added a trio of Canadian assets; 2011 draft pick Matt Walter, local product Jadon Wagner and veteran receiver Chris Bauman.

Hufnagel must firmly believe that his roster can once again do damage in the West, as he managed to secure several key pieces to it through the off-season.

Arjei Franklin, Landon Talley, Kevin Dixon, Rene Paredes, Brandon Smith, Justin Conn, Marc Calixte, J’Micheal Deane, Keon Raymond, Edwin Harrison, Jon Gott, Charleston Hughes and Cornish all signed extensions with the club.

Who’s Out:

DeVone Claybrooks retired during the off-season, but he won’t be very far away. Claybrooks will start the new season as Calgary’s defensive line coach.

Calgary will also be without Brandon Isaac, who signed with the Argonauts, kicker Burke Dales who joined the Eskimos and OL Tim O’Neill who signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Question Marks and Storylines

Is Drew Tate the real deal? Can he carry a team all season long without hitting the proverbial wall?

If, for some reason, Tate fails to live up to expectations, how long will it take for fans to announce their discontent in favour of the departed Burris?

Fan Comments
als rule
it appears the horse's strength this season is in their canadian talent!!
June 02, 2012 - 11:34am
A new era begins in calgary with Tate at QB and Cornish at RB. Both have shown that the due have the ability to get the job done as Tate started the last 4 games and won three, had a dismal playoff game but dismal of not was valuable experience for the new starting QB. Cornish also took over past the midway point and there seems to be no doubt that he is the man in the Backfield. Both replaced future hall of famers.
Great receiving corp should help Tate led by All star Nik Lewis and ken yon rombo, rombo over 1,00yards in '10 missing six games last year kept him from reaching that mark. three super young non import receivers johnny forzani, jabari athur, and last years number 1 pick anthony parker to go along with vet arjel franklin and new comer chris bauman gives them depth as receivers and in the ratio.
With all that talent around him Tate will not have to be spectacular but rather learn to manage the game as a first year starter. IF Tate falters veteran back up kevin glenn would be a suitable replacment with all the talent around him again just needing to manage the game.
The stamps may have quietly become the team to beat in the west and in the Grey Cup.
alot mor attention has gone to the other three western teams; BC as the returning CUP champs, the Riders with there new strategy of bringing in a lot of talented (some may not agee) NFL imports without CFL experience, and Edmonton as they appear to be heading to the basement.
Look out CFL Hufnagel and the stamps look to be ready
June 02, 2012 - 11:31am
als rule
CS: now both cornish and tate are the MAN and the pressure and stress starts for them as there not expected to miss a beat!! 18 regular season games take there toll big time both phyically and mentally!! no question that rambo and lewis are first rate but injuries and age may start taking there toll sooner rather then later!! forzani/arthur/franklin and rookie parker are for now 2nd rate to the big 3!! is glenn done or can he really mentor tate? stamps odds on favourite to be the 1st place finishers in the west and western conference champ with a ticket to the big game in TO come november!! the green YES have brought in new talent BUT how talented is it and can it over come all the rider shortcomings? NO!! but will be improved from last season!!
June 02, 2012 - 2:28pm
Agree the stamps are the team to beat out west and a Grey Cup apearance is in their future for 2012. A great 100th Grey cup Memory if Tate and Cornish could lead the stamps to Victory. A QB who earned his spot the old fashioned way with patience working his way from a practice squad player to a #3 then#2 and finally earning his starting spot over his 5 yrs in the CFL. Cornish breaking the mold that Canadian RBs will automatically play fullback.
June 02, 2012 - 10:44pm
Good luck to Glenn when/if he gets to play. If Calgary fans are unhappy with the departure of Burris (and many have knocked him as being past his game!) they can always cheer for Burris in the Black and Gold! LOL!!
June 01, 2012 - 10:36pm