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TORONTO -- The 2013 season is only months away and we're jumping for joy with excitement! With that, here are - in no particular order - the best mid-air moments that the CFL has had to offer.

2012: Koch's Leaping Grab

Esks wideout Cary Koch must be pretty good at the tip drill.

2012: The 'Lewis Leap'

He's 5-foot-10 and 240-pounds wide, but that never stops Stamps receiver Nik Lewis from going airborne.

2012: Hugh Charles' Backflip

His post-TD backflip has become a tradition in Edmonton!

2010: Cahoon Goes Airborne!

He's been retired for two seasons, but that doesn't mean we can't marvel at one of his greatest grabs.

2012: Hebert Sends Jones Flying

Kyries Hebert's return to football might most be remembered for sending Ticats receiver Onrea Jones into orbit with this massive block.

2010: Green goes airborne for miraculous snag

Als receiver SJ Green even fooled Chris Cuthbert with this unbelievable catch against the Riders in 2010.

1993: 81st Grey Cup - Lawler Scoops up Blocked Punt

First the ball goes soaring over Bob Cameron's head, then Nereo Bolzon goes soaring to block the punt.

2010: Lulay's Leap of Faith

Travis Lulay keeps and leaps.

2010: The Incredible Diving Dressler

Expect anything different from Weston Dressler?

1989: Champion Flies for TD

This game might be remembered for Ridgway's game-winning boot, but let's not forget about this spectacular catch.

2012: Kackert Picks his Corner

Big thanks to @HewisPhoto on Twitter for pointing this one out to us. Kackert's leap into the endzone was the exclamation point on his big Week 11 game!

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