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Round 1
1 Lavertu, Pierre OL Laval Calgary Stampeders via OTT
2 Goossen, Matthias OL Simon Fraser Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3 Coombs, Anthony RB Manitoba Toronto Argonauts via EDM
4 Pruneau, Antoine DB Montreal Ottawa REDBLACKS via MTL
5 Foucault, David OL Montreal Montreal Alouettes via OTT via BC
6 Bailey, Devon WR St. Francis Xavier Edmonton Eskimos via TOR
7 Smith, Quinn DL Concordia Calgary Stampeders
8 Landry, Beau LB Western Hamilton Tiger-Cats via SSK via HAM
9 Gill, Evan DL Manitoba Hamilton Tiger-Cats via SSK
Round 2
1 Lue, Andrew DB Queen's Montreal Alouettes via Ott
2 Ainsworth, Dylan DL Western Saskatchewan Roughriders via HAM via SSK via WPG
3 Player, Tchissakid OL Northwestern State BC Lions via EDM
4 MacDonell, Scott WR Queen's Ottawa REDBLACKS via MTL
5 Lochard, Pascal FB Laval BC Lions
6 Milton, Aaron RB Toronto Edmonton Eskimos via TOR
7 Caron, Max LB Concordia Calgary Stampeders
8 Briggs, Jesse LB McGill Winnipeg Blue Bombers via SSK via HAM
9 Pierzchalski, Alex WR Toronto Saskatchewan Roughriders
Round 3
1 Duvernay-Tardif, Laurent OL McGill Calgary Stampeders via OTT
2 Mark, John K Calgary Saskatchewan Roughriders via WPG
3 Dhillon, Jaskaran DL UBC Toronto Argonauts via EDM
4 Finley, Jeffrey DL Guelph Montreal Alouettes
5 Romick, Nigel DL Saint Mary's Ottawa REDBLACKS via CGY via BC
6 Thibault, Adam DB Laval Calgary Stampeders via WPG via TOR
7 Circelli, Joe OL Western Calgary Stampeders
8 Bastien, Kristopher WR Concordia Saskatchewan Roughriders via WPG via CGY via HAM
9 Chin, Casey LB Simon Fraser BC Lions via SSK
Round 4
1 Wheaton, Aaron OL Toronto Ottawa REDBLACKS
2 Jones, Derek DB Simon Fraser Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3 Hartmann, Raye DB St. Francis Xavier Edmonton Eskimos
4 Tuck, James DL York Montreal Alouettes
5 Menard, David DL Montreal BC Lions
6 Miles, Thomas LB Manitoba Toronto Argonauts
7 Wiggan, Derek DL Queen's Calgary Stampeders
8 Smith, Andrew WR Manitoba Montreal Alouettes via HAM
9 Dupuis, Alexandre FB Montreal Toronto Argonauts via SSK
Round 5
1 Desmarais, Hugo OL Laval Ottawa REDBLACKS
2 Black, Eric DB Saint Mary's Toronto Argonauts via WPG
3 Webster, Matt DB Queen's Saskatchewan Roughriders via EDM
4 Crapigna, Tyler K McMaster Calgary Stampeders via MTL
5 Fox, Alexander WR Bishop's BC Lions
6 Pszczonak, Evan WR Windsor Toronto Argonauts
7 Boyd, Nick K/P Manitoba Montreal Alouettes via CGY
8 Johnson, Christopher LB Toronto Hamilton Tiger-Cats
9 Paterson, Kyle OL Regina Saskatchewan Roughriders
Round 6
1 Miller, Stephon DL Windsor Ottawa REDBLACKS
2 Everett, Quinn DL Mount Allison Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3 Medeiros, Zackary K/P Montreal Edmonton Eskimos
4 Beaulieu, Jean-Christophe FB Sherbrooke Montreal Alouettes
5 Roper, Dylan DL Simon Fraser BC Lions
6 Corrado, Tore WR Simon Fraser Toronto Argonauts
7 Girard, Mathieu DL Montreal Hamilton Tiger-Cats via CGY
8 Mawa, Stephen DL UBC Hamilton Tiger-Cats
9 Bent, Travis LB Concordia Saskatchewan Roughriders
Round 7
1 Desloges, Vincent DL Laval Ottawa REDBLACKS
2 Eisho, Aram LB McMaster Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3 Dadzie, Michael DL Regina Edmonton Eskimos
4 Sarro, Mackenzie WR/FB Calgary Montreal Alouettes
5 Bourassa, Guillaume RB Laval BC Lions
6 Fletcher, Kirby DL Acadia Toronto Argonauts
7 Marshall, Brian WR Western Calgary Stampeders
8 Pesek, Martin DL Acadia Hamilton Tiger-Cats
9 Hart, Terry OL St. Francis Xavier Saskatchewan Roughriders
10 Bernard, Alexandre LB McGill Ottawa REDBLACKS
11 Malcolm, Kevin LS McMaster Ottawa REDBLACKS


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