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HISTORY >> Grey Cup >> 1913

1913 – Hamilton Tigers 44, Parkdale Canoe Club 2

Venue: Cricket Grounds
Location: Hamilton, ON
Date: November 29
Attendance: 2,100
Winning Coach: Liz Marriott

The Hamilton Tigers won their first Grey Cup title in convincing fashion over the Parkdale Canoe Club. Ross Craig set a record that still stands, scoring three touchdowns in the game. Only Red Storey, Jackie Parker and Tommy Scott have duplicated the feat.

The age and veteran savvy of the Tigers was no match for Parkdale’s youth and inexperience. From the opening minutes of the game, when Hamilton marched across the Paddlers’ goal line for a touchdown, until the final play, the Tigers were simply dominant.

Parkdale did rise to the occasion in the third quarter, keeping the Tigers off the scoreboard. Three times when it was in the shadow of its own goal posts, Parkdale did not break, and Hamilton lost the ball three times on downs.

Art Wilson, Norm Clark, Sam Manson and Harry Glassford scored the other touchdowns for the Tigers. Manson kicked four converts and rouges, and Billy Mallett added a single.

Sports journalist Lou Marsh wrote this about the Tigers:

Tigers showed up with everything a football team should have – everything. They had speed, strength, tackling ability, trick plays along the line, and were backed up by a faultless catching and kicking and running half line, and above all, they had superb team play.

Parkdale came close to scoring a touchdown when Herb Zimmerman was tripped up by Sam Manson before crossing the Hamilton goal line. Manson saved the score but incurred a five-minute penalty.

Hugh Gall, a former star in Varsity’s dynasty years, scored the only points of the game for Parkdale on rouges. Gall was hobbled by a hip injury and a crushed index finger, and he could not handle the ball or tackle as effectively.

There was very little interest in the game as most people believed the Tigers would trounce Parkdale. Fewer than 3,000 fans were at the Hamilton Cricket Grounds to see their predictions turn into reality.

The 44-2 score stands as the second-largest margin of victory in a Grey Cup game. It was the final time Parkdale advanced to the Grey Cup game.

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