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The "Open Formation" was introduced for the first time. Both teams were required to lineup across from each other.


The Ontario Rugby Football Union was formed on January 6; 10 days later the Quebec Rugby Football Union was formed. The ORFU played a Tie Schedule with teams of 15-men per side. Team A played Team B and the winner played Team C until only one team remained undefeated. Three divisions were formed in the ORFU. Referees were used for all games. A point-scoring system was put into place with six points for a Goal from the Field (field goal); four points for a Try (touchdown), Goals from a Try, Penalties and Free Kicks; two points for Safety Touches; and one point for Kicks to the Deadline, Rouges and Touch in Goals. The Quebec Union adopted the Challenge System with Scoring by Goals and Trys. This format required the previous year's champion to defeat all challengers. The Toronto Argonauts defeated the Ottawa FC 9-7 in the first ORFU Championship on November 10.


The Canadian Rugby Football Union was formed on February 7 at the Montreal Gymnasium and used the ORFU and New English Rugby Union Rules to form the Code of Rules for Canadian football. The QRFU adopted the OFRU system of scoring and the Tie Schedule. The Montreal Foot Ball Club (QFRU) defeated the Toronto Argonauts (ORFU) 30-0 on November 6 in the first CRFU Championship game.


The ORFU divided into City and College groups. The CRFU stated that the playing field should be as close to 100 yards in length as practical by 65 yards wide. A combined team from the Montreal and Britannia Football Clubs (QRFU) defeated an Ontario Combined Team (ORFU) 3-0 on November 12 in the CRFU Championship game. The CRFU ruled the game was a draw because the Montreal team did not score four points.


The CRFU ruled that a quarterback could run or kick the ball only after the defenders had pushed the ball through the scrimmage. The ORFU objected to the CRFU rules governing championship games and refused to participate. No championship game was played.


The ORFU withdrew from the CRFU and the governing body ceased to function. The ORFU adopted "heeling" the ball as a method of putting it into play. They also began using a five-man scrimmage. Goals from the Field were reduced to five points. At the end of the season, team executive members arranged a Dominion Championship game at McGill University in which Ottawa College (ORFU) defeated the Montreal Football Club (QRFU) 10-5 on November 5.


ORFU aligned into one unit and competed in a Challenge System. Penalty Kicks were lowered in value to two points. Hamilton Tigers introduced the three-man scrimmage. ORFU and QRFU executives arranged a Dominion Championship at Ottawa. Ottawa College (ORFU) and the Montreal Football Club played to a scoreless tie. This was the last title match until 1892. Winnipeg Football Club, St. John's College and the Royal School of Infantry formed the Manitoba Rugby League.


ORFU lowered the value of a Goal from Field to five points. Intercollegiate teams used a two-point Goal from a Try. The QRFU adopted a Challenge System.

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