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ORFU returned to the Tie Schedule. All teams adopted the two-point Goal from a Try. QRFU adopted the three-man scrimmage. First game in Alberta, as Edmonton and Clover Bar played to a scoreless tie. In October, Regina North West Mounted Police played the Winnipeg Football Club twice in Winnipeg with each side winning once.


At a meeting of delegates of the Quebec and Ontario Rugby Unions at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal on December 19, the Canadian Rugby Union was formed. Games were to consist of two 45-minute halves, scoring values: Goal from the Field five points; Try four points; Goal from a Try two points; Penalty Kick and Free Kick four points each; Safety Touch two points; and a Rouge one point. ORFU rules were adopted by the CRU including an increase in the height of the goal posts to 20 feet from 13; the Scrimmage had to release the ball before the lines could come together and games were to be won by a majority of points scored. Edmonton defeated Calgary 6-5 in the Alberta Total-point Challenge Series.


The first CRU championship game was played on Thanksgiving Day, November 10 at Toronto's Rosedale Field with Osgoode Hall of ORFU defeating the Montreal Foot Ball Club of the QRFU 45-5. ORFU assigned Umpires for all games. QRFU adopted the Balanced Schedule (all teams played the same number of games) and lowered the value of a Goal from a Try to two points. The Manitoba Rugby Football Union was formed on February 22 and played Fall and Spring Schedules.


QRFU assigned Umpires for all games and returned to the Challenge System format.


Ottawa College and the Ottawa AAA joined the QRFU. QRFU adopted the Balanced Schedule.


Timekeepers were appointed for the first time to relieve the referees of that duty. ORFU and QRFU lowered the value of Penalty Kicks to two points.


CRU game length was reduced to two 40-minute halves and the size of a field was set at 110 yards by 65 yards. CRU published the first "Constitution, Rules of the Championship Competitions and Rules of the Game". MRFU adopted the CRU rules. QRFU introduced five-yard Punt Returns.


On November 24, the Canadian Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union was organized in Kingston, Ontario. CRU changed the length of a game to two 35-minute halves. The QRFU lowered the Free Kick to two points and adopted a three-team playoff format. Ottawa FC was suspended by the QRFU executive for excessive rough play.


First Intercollegiate game was played at Kingston on October 8 between McGill and Queen's. McGill won by 3 Rouges to 2. McGill then played the University of Toronto on October 15. The U of T won 11-5 in the rain. Toronto went on to win the Yates Trophy as Intercollegiate champions. The CIRFU was accepted into the CRU, but left later in the year. Ottawa FC re-organized as the Rough Riders on September 9 and adopted the colours of the Canadian Regiment in the Spanish-American War - red and black. Ottawa joined the ORFU which adopted the Balanced Schedule of play. The CRU again changed the length of a game to two 30-minute halves.

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