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Justin Dunk's 2013 CFL Mock Draft - V2.0

Justin Dunk
CFL.ca Staff

Draft boards around the Canadian Football League are set and all that’s left is to get to the picking. If only one word was used to describe the 2013 CFL Draft, pundits, experts and CFL talent evaluators would most likely agree it would have to be: unpredictable.

Four of the top seven prospects on the CFL Scouting Bureau have earned NFL opportunities, making it hard to gauge when the likes of Stefan Charles, Matt Sewell, Andy Mulumba and Ben D’Aguilar might be selected in the 2013 CFL Draft. Throw in a talented group of NCAA redshirt juniors to go with a solid class of CIS athletes and with trade talk beginning to heat up, not even scouts, coaches or general managers are sure how draft day will unfold.

One thing is for sure, not every pick made in my final three-round 2013 mock draft will happen exactly the way it’s been laid out. Nonetheless mock drafts are all about creating discussion and I’ve tried to peer through all the smoke screens to provide a realistic idea of just what might down on Monday May 6.

Anyways, let’s get to what you really want to see, the selections. Feel free to let me know just how my mock draft is or if you have any thoughts, comments and questions about the draft or any prospects, hit me up on twitter @JDunk12.

1 Linden Gaydosh - DL Consensus around the league is Gaydosh will be the number one overall pick in the 2013 draft. Although, trade winds are blowing, but whether Hamilton keeps the pick or deals it away, it’s near certain Gaydosh will have his name called first by the Commissioner on Draft day.
2 Mike Edem - LB-DB Edem is a terrific athlete and a versatile defensive prospect. He should be a special teams demon from day one. Winnipeg appears to have committed to playing a Canadian at free safety, signing free agent Cauchy Muamba in February, which could be Edem’s best position fit in the CFL. He gives the Bombers depth behind Muamba and could see playing time on defence in certain special packages.
3 Seydou Junior Haidara - WR Haidara fits what everyone wants, a piece that doesn’t have to come off the field for short yardage, can come in as a tight end and come down from the slot in protection. He’s a versatile player and will give a team enough versatility on offence and special teams to show that he’s worth such a high pick. The local product had a big time showing at the combine and has emerged as the top receiver prospect in the 2013 draft.
4 Ben D'Aguilar - DL D’Aguilar can come in and play specials teams right away, while providing depth behind non-import defensive end Ricky Foley in Riderville. Interestingly enough, some scouts have compared D’Aguilar to Foley in terms of his potential in the CFL. There is no question he has athletic ability to be a ratio-breaker, he just needs to process what he sees on the field a little faster.
5 Nolan MaCmillan - OL Injury problems aside, some CFL personnel men feel that MaCmillan, is the best offensive line prospect in the draft purely based on talent. He’s flashed all kinds of potential when he’s been healthy with the Hawkeyes. 
6 Corey Watman - OL

Watman interviewed well at the combine and has lots of good film from Eastern Michigan. Centre could be his best position in the CFL, whichs fits with the Lions who need to find and groom a replacement for veteran Angus Reid.

7  Brent Urban - DL Urban recorded a career high with 20 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 2012 for the Cavaliers. After losing defensive lineman Brian Bulcke in free agency the Stamps look to reload along the defensive line, despite having to wait for Urban to finish his career at Virginia.
8 Matt Sewell - OL Sewell signed an undrafted free agent deal with the NFL’s  Titans, which sees him slide down the CFL board. Teams now view Sewell in the same mode as a NCAA junior who might not be in the CFL for at least a year. He could even become the next Joel Reinders or Matt O’Donnell who didn’t get to the CFL a few seasons after they were originally selected.
9 OTT  Brander Craighead - OL Craighead almost makes too much sense to go in the nine-hole to Ottawa. He’s a local talent who would help the franchise begin to build along the offensive line.



1 Hunter Steward - OL Steward continues to rise up draft boards. He might need some time to develop, but he was recruited to Virginia as a defensive lineman, which suggests he has more athletic ability compared to a typical offensive lineman.
2 Andy Mulumba - DL Mulumba may have signed a free agent deal with the Green Bay Packers, but his talent is too much for teams to keep passing up. And he has a connection on the Bombers coaching staff. In 2009, defensive coordinator Casey Creehan recruited and coached Mulumba at Eastern Michigan.
3 Hosam Shahin - DL Shahin is a strong interior lineman who the Lions can pair with young standout Jabar Westerman to provide Canadian depth along their defensive front.
4 Jesse Joseph- DL Calgary has no pressing non-import need and can afford to go for one of the top talents left on the board, no matter the wait. Joseph started as a true freshman at UConn. During his sophomore season in 2010, he registered 8.5 sacks, tied for 26th in the NCAA. However, Joseph has been hampered by injury trouble since his strong second year.
5 Stefan Charles - DL Jim Popp has shown he will take the most talented player on the board, regardless of NFL opportunities. Case in point, the Als took Philip Blake, out of Baylor and currently with the Broncos and took Vaughn Martin, a Western product who is on the Dolphins roster both in the 2011 Draft.
6 Chris Mercer - OL Hamilton adds some depth on the offensive line, where no CFL team can ever have enough bodies. Mercer boosted his stock with a strong showing at the combine. He got overshadowed at Regina playing alongside Brett Jones, but Mercer might turn out to be the better CFL player.
7 Brett Jones - OL After losing backup centre Mark Dewit in free agency, the Stamps grab Jones, who despite a less than stellar combine showing, has lots of quality film and is tough as well.
8 Natey Adjei, WR Adjei is under the radar because he hasn’t played much in his post secondary career. Silently might be the most athletic receiver prospect in the draft and hasn’t reached his full potential. He’s a thicker guy that is pretty good after the catch.You could argue he is the next best receiver in the draft after Haidara.
9 OTT Connor Williams - DL Ottawa scoops up another player who grew up in the area. Williams started all 13 games for the Aggies, notching 32 tackles and 6 sacks in 2012. He projects as a depth type of player in the CFL who can give you some meaningful reps on defence.



1 Ellie Ngoyi - DL Hamilton wants Canadians in the defensive line rotation, as they showed with the signings of Shomari Williams and Brian Bulcke in free agency. Ngoyi is still raw in terms of his technique and on-field ability, but his athleticism, frame and upside has teams intrigued. His best position in the CFL is most likely on the outside of the line at defensive end.
2 Mike DiCroce - REC After reaching for Jade Etienne in 2011 without much return on that high investment, the Bombers turn to DiCroce. He proved he has the type of speed required with a 4.58 40-yard time at the combine. Scouts would like to believe they’re getting the 2011 Hec Crighton Trophy Finalist over the 2012 injury-hampered version of DiCroce.
3 Steven Lumbala - RB Lumbala is the best running back prospect in the draft who could fit nicely with the Lions. It would be a good environment with his older brother Rolly on the team and he could develop into a backup to Andrew Harris.
4 Yannick Morin-Plante - WR

Morin-Plante would immediately infuse some speed into the Riders receiving corps. He ran the third fastest 40 time at the combine at 4.53 and has solid size (6’0”, 189 pounds) to go along with his pro level speed.

5 Bo Lokombo - LB Lokombo is the best Canadian some scouts say they’ve ever seen. He’s an unreal athlete who ran a 4.52 40-yard time at Oregon’s spring workouts in 2013 without even training specifically for the event. A few CFL personnel men would be shocked if he’s not gone in the top three rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft which drops Lokombo in the CFL talent grab. Lokombo’s talent, especially in this draft, is simply too much to keep passing on.
6 Simon Le Marquand - WR Le Marquand hasn’t been hyped like Haidara or DiCroce in the 2013 class of receivers, but he catches everything thrown his way and doesn’t mind taking a hit in order to make a catch. He would help to add young depth in Edmonton behind non-import starters Nate Coehoorn and Shamawd Chambers.
7 Jermaine Gabriel - DB Gabriel is a hitter. He has the potential to become more physical than current Stamps starting free safety Eric Fraser and hasn’t had injury problems like Calgary’s backup safety Keenan MacDougall. Gabriel is a little raw because he hasn’t been in a university program for a while, but with the kind of athleticism he possesses Gabriel could get himself polished up and play special teams while developing.
8 Kris Robertson - DB

It looks like Edmonton is trying to build their roster with a lot of ratio flexibility. Eskimos defensive coordinator Greg Marshall has played a Canadian corner before in Hamilton. Robertson no doubt has the athleticism, but he needs to prove his lack of size won’t hold him back. 

9 OTT Kalonji Kashama - DL Kashama runs well for his size and should be able to contribute on special teams. He’s a pretty physical kid, just a little stiff.  Kashama has great football bloodlines, all three of his brothers played division one football at Michigan, Connecticut and Western Michigan.



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