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Power Rankings Wk. 15: Can the Lions hang on?

CFL.ca Staff

TORONTO -- For the second-straight year, the CFL.ca Power Rankings will pit Matthew Cauz against The Machine. Last season, The Machine topped Cauz in a bitter competition that lasted until the final week.

Who will come out on top in 2012?

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Here are the Week #15 Mathematical Power Rankings:

The Machine
1 7.5 3
2 7.4 1
3 1.4 2
4 -0.2 7
5 -1.8 5
6 -2.9 6
7 -5.7 4
8 -5.7 8

Matthew Cauz | CFL.ca Columnist

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is "officially" over, but for me the rule is the holiday is still going on as long as I have leftovers clinging to some old Tupperware. So with that in mind here is a special Thanksgiving edition of the Power Rankings.

British Columbia Lions (10-4)

The Lions are as thankful for having Travis Lulay as their starting quarterback as I am when the mashed potatoes hit that right consistency, that sweet spot between chunky and goopy. Without his top two receivers, Lulay still managed to throw for 268 yards, two scores and no interceptions against a tough Calgary defence.

Saskatchewan Roughriders (8-6)

The hottest team in the league is thankful that no one got hurt in the fourth quarter. You know how annoyed you get when Thanksgiving guests stay too long? They are slowly sipping on their third cup of coffee while other people are loading up the dishwater. Take the hint, grab your leftovers and go home. That's how Roughrider fans must have felt watching Kory Sheets and especially Darian Durant still on the field in the final 15 minutes.

Calgary Stampeders (8-6)

Calgary is thankful for the Lions problems in the red zone and that Andrew Harris clearly was eating some tasty drumsticks with his hands on the sidelines judging by his third quarter fumble. On a more positive note I'm betting everyone in Calgary is thankful that Charleston Hughes is playing on their team.

Montreal Alouettes (8-6)

The Alouettes are surely thankful for the presence of tryptophan in turkeys. I have no idea if it really does have sleep inducing effects but if I'm Montreal, I blame that performance against Winnipeg on a team-wide overdose of Special-T (That's what the cool kids call tryptophan). Hopefully for Calvillo and company most fans were still dealing with their turkey and wine hangovers and missed most of that hot mess of a game.

Toronto Argonauts (7-7)

Wow that was an ugly loss. The Argos have to stay positive here. The Double Blue are thankful that Armond Armstead is a part of the team.

Edmonton Eskimos (6-8)

Edmonton is thankful that Fred Stamps hasn't gone in complete receiver diva mode with the loss of his favourite quarterback. This is not a shot at Kerry Joseph or Steven Jyles, who have performed better than most (me) thought, but Stamps and Ricky Ray had a great bond. Stamps, who had yet to register even 100 yards receiving in a game tore up the Tiger-Cats secondary for 204 yards and a score. Revenge, just like next-day turkey is a dish best served cold (and in sandwich form!).

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (5-9)

Hamilton is thankful they don't have to play every game on the road. The team has gone 1-6 away from Ivor Wynne and has been outscored by more than a touchdown per contest. The loss also marks the ninth time the defence has allowed 30 points or more. Come on Tiger-Cats you were supposed to protect the honour of the East! Now Edmonton has a legit shot of an Eastern crossover playoff game.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-10)

The Blue Bombers’ 27-22 win over Montreal is like chocolate pecan pie. Yes, yes I know, I'm running out of steam with this Thanksgiving gimmick but stick with me for just a couple more sentences. When it comes time for dessert you pretty much know what you're going to get, and as I said before I love me some pumpkin pie. But every now and then it's nice when someone surprises you with an expected and oh so tasty dessert like a hearty slice of CPP (again, this is what the kids call chocolate pecan pie).

That's what this win was. No one expected Winnipeg to: have a lead at the half, get excellent play from the quarterback position, hold on to a late lead and to win on the road. Totally unexpected, oh so sweet for Blue Bomber fans who deserved to watch their team win in style.

Cauz's Rankings
1 1
2 2
3 4
4 3
5 5
6 7
7 6
8 8
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