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Power Rankings Wk. 16: Machine, Man agree on BC

CFL.ca Staff

TORONTO -- For the second-straight year, the CFL.ca Power Rankings will pit Matthew Cauz against The Machine. Last season, The Machine topped Cauz in a bitter competition that lasted until the final week.

Who will come out on top in 2012?

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Here are the Week #15 Mathematical Power Rankings:

The Machine
1 10.7 2
2 3.9 4
3 3.2 5
4 2.7 3
5 -0.1 1
6 -6.1 6
7 -7.0 7
8 -7.3 8

Matthew Cauz | CFL.ca Columnist

British Columbia Lions (11-4)  
I almost felt bad for the Lions D during their 37-17 win over Hamilton. They must have been bored sitting on the bench for 40 minutes of the game, all right 39:59, I like rounding up. What a day for the Lions offence! Facing 24 second down situations Lulay and Co. managed to convert a ridiculous 19 of them, while Lulay’s TD pass streak intact in the proces. I know I’m late to the party with this sentiment, but please allow me to be the 2,303rd person to congratulate Andrew Harris for beating the mark for total yards from scrimmage by a Canadian, which was previously held by Terry Evanshen.
Calgary Stampeders (9-6)
Calgary recovers three Winnipeg fumbles, picks off four Joey Elliott passes and yet the final outcome is in doubt until late in the game. I know it's difficult to categorize an 11-point win as disappointing but this one certainly feels like it, doesn't it? The Stamps win reminds me of a boxer who clobbers his opponent for the first six rounds, then does just enough to not get hurt for the remainder of the fight and wins on points.  
Saskatchewan Roughriders (8-7)
There is one bonus to having Darian Durant playing poorly and the Roughriders losing ... the message boards! They are so much more fun to read after a loss.

Here are some examples:

-Our D can't stop a high school team right now

-A case of SWOLLEN HEAD set in to our leader. It's time for DD to stand again and observe because he's no use to us on the field today.

-Odd week = Durant plays good (Durant supporters emerge, Durant haters in hiding)

-Even week = Durant plays bad (Durant haters emerge, Durant supporters in hiding)

... Good times.

Montreal Alouettes (9-6)
Remember what I just said about Calgary? Well, that applies to you as well Montreal. Beyond Jamel Richardson’s crazy touchdown, the offence was not in synch. I would go with a “Calvillo starting to show his age” angle here but I have been burned way too many times.
Edmonton Eskimos (7-8)
Dear Edmonton, I’d like to welcome you to East Division for all your playoff needs. Please let me know if there is anything you need to make your stay more comfortable.  The way the Eskimos are playing, no way are they slipping behind the Tiger-Cats.
Toronto Argonauts (7-8)
Quietly weeping. Noel Prefontaine had more “touches” than any other member of the Argonauts not including Jarious Jackson. Good on Prefontaine for beating the odds, but double digit punt games are difficult to watch. Thank god we had Felix Baumgartner jumping into space.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (5-10)
I'm tired of talking about Hamilton's shaky defence or the incredible highs and curious lows of Henry Burris. So that’s why I’ve put them at seven.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-11)
If I could rank Ottawa'a new franchise ahead of Winnipeg I would. Poor Chris Matthews, the man is having a great rookie season that will go completely forgotten by season’s end. 

Cauz's Rankings
1 1
2 3
3 2
4 4
5 6
6 5
7 7
8 8
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