The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed both GM Kyle Walters and head coach Mike O'Shea to multi-year contract extensions ... READ MORE.

Canadian Football League Head Office

Jeffrey L. Orridge Commissioner
Patricia Zoggas Executive Assistant to the Commissioner
Greg Dick Senior Vice President, Operations & Finance
Glen Johnson Senior Vice President, Football
Christina Litz Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Content
Matt Maychak Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs
Tyler Mazereeuw Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Kevin McDonald Vice President, Football Operations & Player Safety
Robbie Abrahamson Coordinator, Social Media & Content
Burcu Akyildiz Controller, Finance
Lucas Barrett Coordinator, Communications
Aaron Berman Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Alexa Costa Junior Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
Kristina Costabile Junior Coordinator, Content
Leanne Curlew Junior Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
Steve Daniel Director, Game Information & Statistics
George Davis Director, Finance
Cole Dinsmore Junior Coordinator, Marketing
Laura Di Pede Creative Director
Curtis Emerson Director, Events & Production
Marcus Farias Junior Coordinator, Design
Lance Freeman Junior Coordinator, Video Content
Craig Garvie Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Thanasi Giolas Web Developer, CFL Digital
Darren Hackwood Director, Officiating
Jeff Harbin Technical Coordinator, Officiating
Trevor Hardy Director, Business Operations
Clare Hutchinson Assistant, Communications
Dave Hutton Coordinator, Officiating Scouting & Development
Ryan Janzen Director, Football Operations
Dax Johnston Manager, Retail Partnerships & Licensing
Jeff Krever Coordinator, CFL Digital
Bree Kruklis Senior Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Lisa Lacsamana  Controller, Finance
Brodie Lawson On-Air Host
Sue Mackay Director, Marketing
Bobbi Marshall Director, Governance & Legal
Carla Millius Coordinator, Hotels & Events
Vanessa Morbi Director, Product Development & Marketing Operations
Erin Moxley Manager, Marketing & Grey Cup
Desiree Murray Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Ageisan Navarajah Coordinator, IT
Eric Noivo Coordinator, Football Operations
Mohib Noor Junior Graphic Designer
Joan Rose Oribiana Accounting Clerk
Matt Peressini
Manager, Football Operations
Louie Polyzois Junior Coordinator, Football Operations
Olivier Poulin Director, Communications & Public Affairs
Jared Randall Junior Data Analyst
Maxmillien Rosenberg Manager, Social Media & Content
Jonathan Rubinoff Managing Editor, CFL Digital
Kyle Scott Coordinator, Video Content
Celine Seguin Director, Grey Cup
Paulo Senra Director, Communications
Kelly Shouldice Director, Content
Camille Soldevilla Junior Coordinator, Events & Production
Trevor Stone Coordinator, Events & Production
Sully Syed Director, Media Technology
Jessica Szabo Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Matthew Thornton Junior Coordinator, Digital Products
Guillaume Tremblay-St-Gelais Coordinator, Communications
Kelly Tyson Manager, Marketing & Events
Mark Urban Coordinator, Video Production
Adam Veselisin Producer, Digital Products
Owen Welsh Director, Corporate Partnerships