December 23, 2006

Catch was memorable

By Rob Vanstone,
Regina Leader-Post

Joey Walters was known for his sure hands. When necessary, he also had a sure hand.

Walters made his most spectacular grab as a Saskatchewan Roughrider on July 18, 1982, during a 26-24 loss to the visiting B.C. Lions on Taylor Field. In that CFL game, Walters made a one-handed, diving touchdown catch.

“I really can’t say it felt different from making any other catch, only that I was glad I made it,” Walters recalls. “The wows came from teammates during the film session when we could see the whole sequence from start to finish.

“I can remember falling or slipping after I made my cut and trying to get back up to locate the ball. On my way up I located the ball going past me. I could only leap at it from a crouch position, having not returned to an upright position as of yet, to have a chance at making the catch. So that’s what I did. Using the same hand that I was trying to use to regain my footing, I leaped — extending my arm — and made the catch.

“The short version: It was all luck.”

Walters was known for spectacular catches during his time with the Roughriders. Does he look back at them in amazement?

“You do, but I just was blessed,” he says. “I just was lucky. It just goes to me always wanting to catch the football. Whatever it took to catch that football, I was willing to do it.”