March 25, 2008

Ottawa Ownership Group Bios

William Shenkman — Chairman, Shenkman Group of Companies

William Shenkman is the Chairman of the Shenkman Group of Companies, an enterprise that has enjoyed more than 100 years of success in Canada and the United States. Mr. Shenkman grew up in Ottawa and acquired a deep connection with the Rough Riders. During the 1960s, he regularly attended games with his godfather Sam Berger, who owned the team at the time. Subsequent owner David Loeb is Mr. Shenkman’s cousin. Fully recognizing that sports franchises mean a great deal to Ottawans, Mr. Shenkman was among the first to invest in the bid to bring an NHL team to the city. The Shenkman family has a long history of philanthropy in the community; most recently, the family made a substantial donation toward the construction of a new arts facility in the city’s east end.

Roger Greenberg — Chairman & CEO, The Minto Group

Roger Greenberg, Chairman and CEO of The Minto Group, also grew up in Ottawa, attended Rough Riders’ games and was an early backer of the Senators’ bid. Now in its 53rd year as a private, family-owned business, Minto is a leading builder, developer and manager of real estate, with operations in Ottawa, Toronto and Florida. The company has built more than 60,000 homes and currently manages more than 15,000 rental homes and two million square feet of commercial property. The Ottawa Business Journal named Mr. Greenberg CEO of the year in 2005. The Greenberg family donates generously to a number of local charities and causes.

John Ruddy — President, Trinity Development Group

John Ruddy, President of Trinity Development Group, has been involved in football all his life. He attended Rough Riders’ games regularly; legendary Riders’ coach Frank Clair was a neighbour. Mr. Ruddy also played football at the minor, high school and university levels, including five years as a Carleton Raven. Trinity is a major developer of retail centres across Canada; the company manages more than 13 million square feet of retail space, and has developed and sold an additional 6.7 million square feet. At present, Trinity has seven new properties under active development; 22 additional sites are at various stages of planning and development. Mr. Ruddy’s Trinity Development Foundation supports a long list of local charities; the Foundation donated $5 million to the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute.

Jeff Hunt — Owner & Governor, Ottawa 67’s

Jeff Hunt has become one of the city’s most recognized and respected citizens thanks to his work with another local sports franchise –- the Ottawa 67’s. Within a few years of acquiring the team, Mr. Hunt managed to more than triple attendance at home games. Mr. Hunt’s formula for success was relatively straightforward: deliver a fan experience that appeals to the whole family and connect the team with the community. During the Hunt era, attendance around the Ontario Hockey League has increased steadily, along with values of individual franchises. Before he acquired the 67’s, Mr. Hunt piloted another business –- Canway –- to the Profit 100 seven times in the 1990s. Mr. Hunt is also a longtime fan of CFL football –- he was a Rough Rider season ticket holder and has attended eight Grey Cups.