September 5, 2008

Fun Fifties Facts Staff

Did you know…

  • …that 1952 was the first year the Grey Cup was broadcast on television. The CBC paid $7,500 for the rights and CBLT Toronto was the only station to air the game live.
  • …that before 1956, the value of a touchdown was 5 points not 6
  • …that the Canadian Football Council was renamed the Canadian Football League on January 19th, 1958 in Winnipeg.
  • …that colour television was introduced in 1950
  • …that Edmonton’s Jackie Parker was named the West Division Outstanding player for a record six straight years from 1956-1961.
  • …that Normie Kwong (’55) and Johnny Bright (56’) hold the record for most combined rushes and pass receptions in a game with 31
  • …that in the 1950’s the World population was around 2.5 billion people
  • …that in the 1950’s the Grey Cup game was held in Toronto eight times and in Vancouver twice, although Toronto and B.C. combined for only two appearances during the decade
  • …that in 1950 the West allowed a third playoff team and played the CFL’s first professional playoff game at night under the lights – Winnipeg at Edmonton.
  • …that 1950 was only the second year where the use of a helmet became compulsory