March 30, 2009

Taylor Robertson… A day in the life

Taylor Robertson

I thought I would take some time and give you all a glimpse into a day in my life.  Now as you will see, today doesn’t include anything to do with a gym or training for this upcoming season. The reason for that is I have decided to cover a day that involves some of the other activities that we as players do away from football. Not to worry though, I’m still getting ready for a run at the Grey Cup this year!

6:30 a.m.: Early morning today, that’s for sure! I’ve got to admit, I’m definitely not used to being up this early in the day.  Time to cook up some breakfast, take a shower, make myself look half decent, and I’m out the door in less than an hour.

7:30 a.m.: Traffic time. Today the 407 (no traffic here!) is taking me to Somerset Academy in Markham, and of course, like I normally do, I have left too early thinking  I will be stuck in traffic thus making me 45 minutes early to my destination.

9:00 a.m.: Assembly #1.  Today I’m taking part in The Argos Foundation Huddle Up Against Bullying Prevention Program.  I have been fortunate over the last 2 years to take part in this great program, and having the opportunity to go into schools, talk to the kids and help pass along our message.  If you would like to learn more about this program, you can check out

11:30 a.m.: Back home.  After a much shorter drive home, it’s time for some lunch, and what better way to enjoy a good lunch than sitting down and watching some NASCAR Sprint Cup practice on TV, and you fellow fans out there will know that Friday is the start of a NASCAR weekend!  (For those of you who may not know much about me, here’s a little tidbit of important information that may help… I’m a huge NASCAR fan! And no, I don’t have a mullet, no country accent, and my name obviously isn’t Darrell, Kyle, or Ricky! Although I did live in the southeastern U.S. for many years, and that’s where my NASCAR passion was born.)  Other than that, just a little bit of time to prepare for my next assembly, pre-sign some autograph cards for the kids, and do a review of the assembly I just finished to help improve myself for the next one.

1:30 p.m.: Travel time again.  Luckily, this next school is not too far from my house so traffic is not even a concern of mine this time – sure wish they were all this close!

2:00 p.m.: Assembly # 2.  This assembly brings us to Christ the King in Mississauga, and I must admit I am surprised most times at the behaviour of the kids during these assemblies. Our presentations are generally around 45 minutes or so and these students are a great audience!

3:30 p.m.: Back home again for assembly review, and a little bit of relaxing time, with you guessed it…. More NASCAR on TV! Now this isn’t the only thing that’s on my TV 24/7, but it’s the start of the season, and it’s been a long few months off!

4:30 p.m.: A Night Out.  Playing for the Argos gives the players a great chance to meet some great people and do some really cool events.  Earlier in the week, we did an event at the Toronto Auto Show for Nissan, and they were kind enough to provide us with some passes to come down and enjoy the show, and tonight is the night for that!

5:30 p.m.: Auto Show.  After walking around all 3 venues for the show, I finally found my home… you guessed it again, the NASCAR pavilion.  They had some NASCAR Canadian Tire series cars you could check out, and best of all was the pit stop challenge!  I have to admit; I have done something like this before and thought for sure I would be able to beat the best time – I was wrong.  Not only did I find out I would be up against the guy who worked at the pavilion and practiced every day for 2 weeks straight, I had a lug nut pop off when I was putting the tire back on and couldn’t hit it with the air gun and had to manually get it started on the bolt… crushing my time, and I ended up with an ok time near the top half.  I will need more practice if I ever want to wander down this career path in my post-football career, that’s for sure!

8:30 p.m.: Dinner time. After a short stop for a rare dinner out, it’s time to head home and call it a day.

10:00 p.m.: Bed! Finally after a longer than usual day for me, the day is over and it’s time to sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about a day in my life.  Tomorrow is a Saturday, and if you have been noticing a trend in my day so far, I’m sure you can figure out what I’ll be doing… you guessed it!

Good night Argos Fans!