June 12, 2009

Argos Training Camp – Day 5

Argonauts.ca Staff

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — It was another practice without full equipment on Thursday morning. The team was out again in just shoulder pads and helmets again for the third time this training camp. The players must have responded well because Coach Andrus allowed them to practice without shoulder pads during afternoon drills.

During target practice for the quarterbacks, they showed a great amount of accuracy hitting the target three times.

Veteran receiver James Robinson made a couple of great catches today, climbing the ladder at least once. WR Reggie McNeal put on a show when he reached around his defender with just his left hand and pulled in a deep ball from Kerry Joseph.

RB Tyler Ebell caught a pass and raced all the way downfield where guest coach Ty Gregorak was stationed. As Ebell turned to run back to the line of scrimmage, coach Gregorak came up behind him and jokingly knocked the ball right out of Tyler’s hands.

Though the quarterbacks were making nice passes, the defence made some noise of their own. Veteran CB Jordan Younger had a very near interception but instead broke up a pass intended for Robinson.

Last year’s team outstanding rookie CB Kenny Heatly made a couple of very nice plays. He first reached around WR Reggie McNeal and nearly had an interception. #27 immediately dropped to the ground and did push-ups. He made no mistake with the next ball that came his way, picking off the ball and charging into the far endzone.

At one point, the Offensive and Defensive Lines moved out of the endzone and onto the field (around the 20-yard line) to work on one-on-one drills. The Quarterbacks and receivers, however, were running their own drills near the 55-yard line and the lineman had planted themselves right where the receivers were catching balls. The quarterbacks and receivers coaches began jeering at the lineman, waiving their hands wildly and calling out to them to move out of the way. Offensive line coach Ron Heller hollered back in a woebegone voice, “But we have no where else to go.”

NOTES: A grade 5 class from a nearby public school attended morning practice and met with Kerry Joseph, Nick Volpe, Da’Shawn Thomas and others…Reminder that Argos Fan Day is this Sunday from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. on the lower field.