November 23, 2010

Cornish wins Reebok-CFL Reediscover Competition Staff

MONTREAL — Reebok is proud to announce that Running Back Jon Cornish from the Calgary Stampeders has won the Reebok – CFL Reediscover competition. In the grand finale, Cornish squared off against Quarterback Darian Durant from the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In this ultimate showdown, Cornish’s description of what had motivated him as a player prevailed over Durant’s narration of his defining moment as an athlete.

“Being selected as the Reediscover champion means a lot, especially considering that fans chose me”, explained Cornish. “I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me during the competition as well as Reebok Canada and the CFL for allowing me to participate in this great initiative.”

During the competition, fans were presented with 32 different stories that allowed them to Reediscover 16 players from the CFL and get a better idea of the character hiding behind the athlete.

To obtain fans’ support, Cornish shared his pride of being a Canadian who has been able to prove to his detractors that he can compete with players from the United States. Over the course of the competition, more than 18,000 participants voted and crowned Cornish as the ultimate winner of Reediscover.


The competition showcased 16 CFL players going head to head each week to claim the winning spot. The first leg aptly titled Reeinspire saw all 16 CFL players explain what their source of motivation and inspiration is, and what they want their legacy to be. Reedefine, the second leg, invited them to share one true career defining moment. Every week, Canadians had the opportunity to vote on the player that offered the best story. In addition, cool trivia, downloads, player profiles and interviews were available on the competition website. To get the latest news about our upcoming promotions, visit