November 23, 2011

Grey Cup: Sex before the game?


VANCOUVER — Wally Buono and Paul LaPolice are fine with their players scoring off the field leading up the Sunday’s Grey Cup game.

The opposing head coaches both gave their players their blessing Wednesday to engage in sex prior to the CFL championship contest.

“I appreciate everyone’s concern about that first of all,”

LaPolice said when posed the traditional question at the Grey Cup coaches news conference. “I would say everything in moderation but that’s probably too much information for me for some of the guys.

“I really don’t want to be clued in for Fridays and Saturdays for them.”

LaPolice, making his first Grey Cup appearance as a head coach, also said his duties include reminding his players to be careful what’s said and posted on all forms of social media.

Buono, chasing a fifth Grey Cup title as a head coach, said a player’s performance Sunday is what counts.

“My thing is what you do, you do,” he said. “What’s the big deal?

“Some players, God bless them, enjoy sex. Some players don’t. An the end it really doesn’t matter. You know what matters is whether you line up and play for three and a half hours so if sex is an excuse, it’s a bad excuse.”