February 24, 2012

Riders unveil $14 million Grey Cup legacy project


REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders and the province are teaming up to give Mosaic Stadium a facelift in time for the 2013 Grey Cup.

The CFL team will spend $14 million to improve the facility as part of a Grey Cup legacy project the Riders unveiled Friday. The provincial government will also provide a $6.2-million loan.

The plan is to turn the stadium into a bowl and boost its seating capacity to 33,000. An 18 metre-high LED screen will be also be added.

Club chairman Roger Brandvold says while the goal remains to build a new stadium, the improvements to Mosaic were needed with Regina hosting the 2013 Grey Cup.

“This is a very ambitious and much needed plan for Mosaic Stadium over the next few years,” Brandvold said Friday in a statement. “Replacing Mosaic Stadium still remains our top priority, but certain upgrades needed to be made to get us through the next few years and especially the 2013 Grey Cup.”

The project’s first phase will see the addition of 7,000 temporary seats as well as corporate boxes to the north and south end zones. The first phase will also include new concession and washroom facilities to create a bowl-like atmosphere and boost the seating capacity to 33,000.

The second phase will add another level of bleachers to increase overall capacity to almost 50,000 for the Grey Cup game.

Following the Grey Cup, only the second tier of temporary seats will be removed to maintain the bowl-like configuration for up to 33,000 fans.

“While each phase of this plan is a temporary solution, its legacy will make an impact throughout Saskatchewan for decades to come,” said team president Jim Hopson. “When the new stadium is ready, and the stands are no longer needed, each section can be dismantled and donated to amateur sports programs across our province.”

Construction of a new stadium is scheduled to begin in 2013 with completion expected in 2016.

Mosaic stadium is owned and operated by the city of Regina.