October 30, 2012

CFL.ca Online Water Cooler: Week 18

CFL.ca Staff

TORONTO — Each week of the 2012 season CFL.ca brings you the best of your comments from around the web in our Online Water Cooler.


With playoff implications in full swing heading into Week 18 and all eight teams still alive and well in the race, the spotlight was on the Bombers vs. Ticats game on Saturday afternoon. Not only was it virtually an elimination game, with the loser being eliminated from the playoffs, but most importantly it was the final game to be played at one of the league’s most historical sites, Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The Ticats and their fans said goodbye in fashion, enduring a cold, wet day through heavy rainfall to enjoy a 28-18 win for the home team, giving the Ticats hope of a playoff game and most importantly, putting an exclamation mark on their tenure at the grand old stadium.

It was an emotional day for many, and one that won’t soon be forgotten. As fans from all across the league expressed their emotions, here are some of your responses to the end of an era:

Christian Charest Even though I’m an Alouettes fan, Ivor Wynne is my favourite place to watch my team win an away game… at least it was a few years ago when we used to win there. Hope the new stadium has as much atmosphere. Cheers!

@katelyncharity I will always remember the day my legs almost froze off at Ivor Wynne Stadium… when Laurier won the Vanier Cup in 2005 #CIS #bestday

John Hutchison A great place to watch a game, but I imagine Ti-Cat fans are not going to miss those benchs they have to sit on.

@NorthernKingz Big shout out 2 the fans that filled the stands @ Ivor Wynne stadium. Definitely an iconic landmark in the CFL. Had some good memories there

Dave Millar Intimate, is probably the word I’d use to describe my home away from home. I bet I know almost every nick and cranny the Old Girl has. I grew up with her, seeing all the changes from her early Civic Stadium days. Watching her age has been difficult, as new stadiums sprung up all around her. These pictures bring back a lifetime of memories. THANKS

Stace Duliban Let’s hope the new stadium has the same atmosphere as the old one. Love you Ivor Wynne

@ticatfan @CFLKate My great aunt Pat had her ashes spread over the field at Ivor Wynne after she passed away in 2004. The emotions continue. #CFL

@oskeemannyo IVOR WYNNE thx for the memories! Gone but never forgotten! #rain#goodtimes #WIN

Debbie Shaw-Burke Having grown up with in walking distance from this hallowed space, going to the school across the street from Ivor Wynne at Prince of Wales, I am feeling very sad, I have a lot of memories of this special place, from my first job, going to games with my Dad, and proudly standing on centre field cheering Oskee Wee Wee in 1985. If those walls could talk. I think it’s finally hitting me that it will be gone soon.

Matthew Hewer Have shared great memories and home wins over the years, ill be telling my children about ivor wynne and the greatest football atmosphere (when we were winning) that ive ever been a part of. Played there, watched there, LOVED my team there.

@carey_hugs Final game at Ivor Wynne today. Frozeen to the bone but worth it. #ate’emraw

Kim Switzer always sad to see an ‘era’ end … *sigh*

Scott MacPherson Going to miss Ivor Wynne. I remember sneaking into the stadium when i was just a kid and watching the Ti-Cats beat the Roughriders for the Grey Cup in 1972….Wow can’t believe it was 40 yrs ago and I was just a 9 yr old boy. Just 1 of many many memories of that Great Place…Good luck in your new home . GO CATS GO!!!

Guy Wapple Never got to watch a game there, except on T.V. It’s much like good old Taylor Field. Farewell to an icon…

@AnthonyZanfini With the lights now off, I’m proud to have had the pleasure of playing football at Ivor Wynne stadium. Hard surface, but lots of history.

@larissapippy_ thinking that i stepped into Ivor Wynne for the last time is pretty depressing 🙁 #goodmemories #footballgames #soccergames

Pierre Lemieux It’s the fans that make the stadium great. That building has seen much better days. Go Cats.

Brad Fader As a riderfan who has attended many rider/ticat games there i am going to miss ivor wynne.I can remember when rider coach at the time Cal Murphy broke his arm when he was hit on the sidelines which caused him to fall into the rider bench/dugout

Will Lambert Ivor Wynne has been great to enjoy some epic battles that i have been fortunate to take in for the past 20 yrs!

@ShawnZOConnor Today is lso very tragic for we say goodbye to Ivor Wynne Stadium,had some great memories there…… #GonnaMiss

Rick Coombs Ivor Wynne stadium, the only stadium in North America that runs East West. Also the only stadium that is only 25 feet from Row 1 to the edge of the playing field. Players hate it/fans love it !

@hammyahol Ivor Wynne Stadium was a dump but it was our dump. Been a great place where people could meet, drink, smoke and talk ti-cats. Goodbye IWS

@rjbrennan Hamilton will never be the same without Ivor Wynne Stadium.

@johnpodedworny Saying goodbye to Ivor Wynne today was like saying goodbye to a part of my childhood @Ticats



@DibsterT The #Stamps are just providing the #Lions with a polite reminder to explain who the true Champs of the West are!! #CFL #Calstampeders

@campattendant Can’t see Wally being happy with this performance so close to the west final #cfl #stamps #lions

@comeseecomesaw The 34-0 lead – the most dangerous lead in the #CFL #BCLions #calstampeders

Brett Hornby Statement made, but the cold helped Calgary’s cause. Hope the Stampeders have a chance to punk them in their house on November 18th.

@marcthesharkbc Congrats Calgary. Tonite was ur Grey Cup. Enjoy it cuz we’re gonna CRUSH you if ur lucky enuf to play us again this year #Lions #Stamps #CFL

Eileen Johnston Dersch Calgary has a lot to be proud of. We’ve played an entire season with our back up qb I think bc would be in a different position if Tate had been in all season.

Santino Barnabei Ha ha ha no Lulay no Bruce be a different story under the dome in B.C. for the west final I ain’t scared Lions will win when it matters

Mitchell Wright Just before the game I was thinking to myself…The lions need a reality check. They got that in the first quarter tonight. This loss will make us stronger. Much like the game last year Vs. the Ti-Cats.


@woodifer11 Don’t worry… Down 14-zip on the road in the rain. The #Bombers have the #Ticats right where they want them.  

@newfiehun .@joeyelliott14 doing his best to make this an entertaining final game at #IvorWynne #CFL #Ticats #Bombers

@SweetDsArgoFan Did the Bomber team that played us last week miss the plane? #CFL #Ticats #Bombers

@geolizardo Watching the #bombers play the #ticats. Also teaching my son some new words.

@TheCityOfChamps OH MY GOD! Dion
Beasley! BANG! #Hugehit On Reciever K.Grant. #CFL #Ticats #Bombers

@CFLNumber1Fan That was indeed a very good throw by the Good Hank – who seems to be dominating over the Bad Hank today. #Ticats #CFL #Bombers  
Arlene Nolan This will be a hard one to predict but my heart says Oskee Wee Wee just because it’s my hometeam and my heart is always with them when they play no matter where I live

@gbay1285 It’s only fitting that the #Bombers lose the last game at Ivor Wynne after beating the #Ticats at the last game at Winnipeg Stadium.


GrahamMosimann White helmets on green looks very very odd. Not bad though. #riders #argos #goargos

@ElectricMaenad Resolutely ignoring the TV, which is showing the #Riders getting trounced by the #Argos. (sigh)

@CFLNumber1Fan Oh MAN!! You have to love it!!! Well done @Sheets24K – extra effort gives the #RIDERS 7 HUGE points!! #CFL #TSN #ARGOS

@njaffer23 The Flyin’ Hawaiian, @ChadOwens2 with a 60 yarder! Take that, greenies #Argos #Argoslive #Riders #CFL

@FenderGuy69 I have no morals or ethics! As a #TiCats fan, I will even cheer for Sandro D’Angelis! #Argos #Riders #CFLonTSN

@RiderFanTyler We gave the Argos that one. Would be interesting to see #Riders vs #Argos round 3…

KJ Goldrush Congrats to Argos. Getting a home playoff game, playoff game in general. Good for the team to be relevant again. Now get out there and SUPPORT YOUR TEAM Argo fans!

@DolfanDaniel The #Argos have made the playoffs after a 31-26 win over the #Riders!!! Refreshing to see a Toronto team in the postseason! #GreyCup100



@StephanieHakim Oh #Alouettes, how you love making it harder on yourselves to win huh.

@28doug If you turn Matt Nichols number upside down you get the old number of the best quarterback ever Jackie Spaghetti Legs Parker!

@Ralor9 @JasonGregor Is anyone in Regina watching #Eskimos Matt Nichols run a hurry up offence???? #Riders should be taking lessons!!!!!

@ward2weet @SnellySnipe Very entertaining final Qrt. Wowzer! Matt Nichols the real deal. Mcpherson + Rielly off to Ottawa get this guy signed Tillman

@AnthonyReimer Wow, just wow. This is why I watch the #CFL. #Esks #als drama. #NoLeadIsSafe

@CHallborg WOW what a finish!!! Gotta love the last 3 min in the CFL. Thanks for the entertainment #eskimos and #Alouettes

John Hutchison Als still dont look like a Grey Cup winner though. Lots of work still to be done in a short time. Learing to go for the throat when the opportunity is there would be a good start.