November 7, 2012 Online Water Cooler: Week 19 Staff

TORONTO — Each week of the 2012 season brings you the best of your comments from around the web in our Online Water Cooler.


There was plenty of playoff talk going into Week 19, with one remaining spot up for grabs in the East Division and semi-final matchups undetermined in both divisions. While questions about who’s playing who were answered by late Friday night, other questions only became foggier as decisions loomed at quarterback for Alberta’s two playoff-bound teams.

For the Eskimos, the Matt Nichols campaign grew steadily with a strong start against the Stampeders. Meanwhile, in Calgary, a healthy Drew Tate led to debate over who should play in the Western Semi-Final against the Riders.

While Tate began the regular season as the team’s starting quarterback and the general rule among head coaches is that a player shouldn’t lose his job to injury, veteran pivot Kevin Glenn proved more than capable of winning football games, carrying the Stampeders to a sturdy second-place finish while also challenging for the division.

With controversies on both ends, here’s what you had to say:

@BuddyWolfleg #glenn or #tate. I’ll pick Tate. Why? He is the starter, gets his team-mates fired up, and he is a leader #stamps #gostampsgo #CFL

Sheldon Larson Glenn should be QB, Tate yelling at Huff and his receivers should be enough. Doesn’t matter anyway though cuz Riders will win anyway:)

Jackie Yochim As a Rider’s fan I am cheering for Kevin Glenn to win it all this year should we lose next weekend at McMahon. He is a class act that DESERVES a long awaited Grey Cup RING!!!!!!!

@IceManCeaser Wait. #Stamps are starting Drew Tate!? hahahaha WOW! Thanks but no thanks Kevin Glenn. What a joke. Cmon #Riders lets smoke these fools #CFL

@NaughtyKnott Stupid decision by huff on going with Tate. Glenn got em there let him finish it. #stamps If Tate chokes he walks away no harm done.

@tedgbauer Feel for Kevin Glenn getting benched after leading the #Stamps to an 11-5 record..Tate’s playoff record isn’t exactly golden. #yyc

@dirtymrclean Drew Tate to get the start. WOW! I didn’t expect this one. I guess he played well but so did Glenn. #stamps #cfl

@CoachD071 @CFL again Kevin Glenn gets hosed. Hey Huff remember when Buono hosed Printers in the GC. Didn’t win ! #stamps #CFL

@ABBigBluJetsfan As much as this hurts to say, with the #Stamps treatment of Kevin Glenn @qterback5, go #Riders go!! Ugh, I feel dirty now!

@leongyyc Glenn got the #Stamps here, he should be able to finish what he started. We’ll see Sunday if starting Drew Tate is the right choice.

@Phoenix9917 Wow #Stamps are putting a lot of faith in Drew Tate to have him start this weekend versus having Kevin Glenn in. Should be interesting. #CFL

@CalgaryFanGal @qr77football Nice problem for Huf to have but I gotta go with Tate. If he struggles Glenn goes in #Stamps   

@CFL_JOE Benching Kevin Glenn is a huge risk for #Stamps. Even after Tate said he hasn’t been on field much. Tate seems hesitant to me. #CFL  

@dennis_kreba @Dave_CHED Whats the purpose of Nichols start? What if he has a really good game? Does he start a playoff game? Are we resting Joseph? #Esks

@mrtoddkennedy #esks I think Nichols may have ice in his veins! Cool under pressure!

Michael Martin Matt Nichols might be the future for Edmonton. And Fred stamps is just unreal. But Go Stamps! Drew Tate!

@bentrem Oh, Nichols starting?! Is what I had been calling for but I’m surprised. In a low-loss situation, figured Joseph could use another. #Esks

@MinDhariwal Nichols’ arm & mobility sure look good from here! #starter next week? c’mon man! #nobrainer #esks

@wunderbar Regardless of the result of this game if Matt Nichols doesn’t start next week I’ll find it really hard to cheer for the #esks

@TyOwchar How was Nichols not starting all year? #Esks @TravisLee87 @ChrisMcQuid

In the end, the Stampeders announced that Tate will be getting the start in the Western Semi-Final, althought he Riders have said they’ll be prepare as if both quarterbacks will be in action. Kavis Reed, meanwhile, has yet to announce his starting pivot, but he will give an answer on Thursday.

Regardless of the outcome, you can be sure the chatter among fans won’t come to an end here, as two key playoff matches should lead to an exciting week of debate among armchair general managers and coaches.



@AnthonyUrchTLR This isn’t enough. The only thing the #Argos could do to help the #Ticats even more is find a local pee-wee team to finish the game. #CFL

@Sensfan001Kevin Sheesh Hamilton is taking the hardest possible road to the playoffs and yet they may yet get there, unbelievable!! #CFLonTSN #Ticats #Argos ‏

@CandaceDevai Wowww. Tie game. Having a heart attack. #chriswiliams #Ticats #argos

@CoachD071 @CFL #Argos if I didn’t see Ricky Ray on sidelines could swear he wore 7 and 17 tonight. #Ticats time to re-tool

Jonathan Richard I wonder who got the score right on cfl Rona…I kno I didn’t

Ryan Campbell What a kick….it looked like he coulda made that from 60!

@rungeek Sad end to what should have been a promising season. Ah well, there’s always next year. And the #argos still SUCK. Oskie Wee Wee! #ticats

Ryan Kemp feel bad for the tabbies but kudos for how many of the hamilton fans showed up to rogers centre to cheer on their team!


@MinDhariwal All Nichols was missing was a bag of chips on that one. Hooks up on a bomb with Koch TD! 20-17. #esks #cfl #stamps

@EclecticBlogs @bentrem @TheOriginalKoch The #esks have woken up…spotted the #stamps some points and have started to play the game

@JSA_Mc Fred Stamps wrestles the pigskin away like a boss! #Esks #Stamps

Brett Hornby Hope this will be the Grey Cup. Imagine a Calgary/Edmonton Grey Cup in Toronto. Go! Stamps! Go!

Don Moore Congratz to two fantastic players Jon Cornish and JC Sheritt on both of their accomplishments.

Douglas Miske The two record-setters deserve recognition, but my game ball goes to Matt Nichols for standing in there and producing. If he’s not the Eskimos’ starter next week, he should be next season.

T-Sizzle Hauer Eskimos got robbed!!! We dominated in every facet if the game….oh well now we do damage indoors next weekend

Jesse Jackson OHhhhhh Yea… John C. had a great game and congrats to him for his record night. Have fun in T.O. eskimos…lol Ricky R. is going to have fun with that one.


@jirwin204 I challenge Marc Trestman to not challenge every 2nd play. #Bombers #Alouettes

Barry Greening We’ve beat the Al’s before and we’ll do it again. We tend to play better against the best teams….

Irene Podolchuk Go Blue, no matter the outcome, i will enjoy, last game of the Season, last Bomber game @ the Old Stadium, sad, sigh! Great Hall of Famers week in Wpg! Great Players, thks Milt & Tyrone for the Great memories, & all players who play or played for Our Bombers! Go Brink !

Keith Smith last game in the old stadium? does it go out with a whimper or a bang

@wazoowazny In fairness to the #Alouettes, the #Bombers have experience closing down Canad Inns Stadium.

@jamiereideltsn While it’s far from a classic game when is the last time the 2 leading rushers in a CFL game were QB’s? #Alouettes #Bombers #CFLonTSN

Brett Hornby Who’s this Goltz guy? Maybe he can move up the depth chart to be an option with Buck Pierce.

James Farthing Too little too late! BOO
Bombers! Your doing your swagger dance while the d. J. Is packing up for the night!

@KimballFinigan I hope the #bclions and #riders decimate each others starting corps. Let’s see the #cflstampeders in the #greycup #cflontsn

@HomerSPC I thought Willy looked great in his last start. MTL and BC? We’re putting him against great teams and he’s doing good. #CFL #riders #lions

@Darrenchris Wow, how much longer do they leave Lulay in for? If that was Durant I would be screaming at my tv right now. #Riders #Lions #CFL

@krista_health1 2 and out for the #Riders , #green is going down tonight. #BCLions orange is going to rain down on your parade

‏@BCLIONS_54 Angus Reid is having a chat with some of the #Riders on their sideline. Maybe he is asking them what their plans are Grey Cup week #BCLions

Lukas W Peter Took riders almost to the half to get a first down. And they couldn’t get a major. Speaks highly of Lions D

Rob Rodrigues That’s quite the momentum the Riders are carrying into the playoffs. What’s that now, 4 straight losses?

@Lionfan15 The terrific #BClions are back! Last week was the anomaly for certain. Firing on all cylindars #CFL #lucky13 #Riders