November 14, 2012 Online Water Cooler: Semi-Final edition Staff

TORONTO — Each week of the 2012 season brings you the best of your comments from around the web in our Online Water Cooler.


The 2012 CFL playoffs finally arrived last weekend, as Ricky Ray led the Argos to a spirited victory over his former club, the Edmonton Eskimos, to advance to the Eastern Final for the second time in three years. Meanwhile it turned out to be a good old fashioned shootout in Calgary for the Western Semi-Final, as the Riders stormed back from a late fourth-quarter deficit to take the lead with just over a minute left — only to watch Drew Tate hit Romby Bryant for a 68-yard game-winning touchdown with 19 seconds left in the game.

This year’s semi-final weekend was no-doubt one to remember, and with the Argos set to visit the Alouettes in the upcoming Eastern Final and the Stampeders ready to travel to BC for a highly-anticipated Western Final, the upcoming weekend promises to be thrilling for CFL fans of all teams.

In this edition of the Online Water Cooler, we look at your reactions in the wake of last weekend’s exciting playoff matchups, as well as your thoughts on this year’s player award finalists.

Rider Pride

While Sunday’s exit from the playoffs couldn’t have come in more heartbreaking fashion for Riders fans, 2012 was a season full of many ups and downs, and overall it’ll be one that Riders fans likely won’t forget any time soon. Coming off a five-win season with a brand new head coach and many first-year players on the roster, many Riders fans showed why they’re still proud to be a Riders fan despite a tough loss — and of course why they’re excited for next season.

@Dougall_26 From a non playoff contender in 2011 to a potential grey cup contender in 2012 way to go riders!! @dariandurant @CButler28 #riderpride

@Rider_Girl3 You know what I love. The Riders just got knocked out of playoffs and all we can talk about is 2013. Our house, our cup! #RiderPride #love

@ritchbitch9 @dariandurant good morning and thanks again for your hard work this season! #Ridernation is behind you every step! #riderpride

@Mooseguy67 Riders should be proud..what a #wsf. I remain green to the bone #Riders

@TOprogressive @robvanstone What other professional sports franchise has a Riders-esque history & yet the most dedicated fans in its league? #RiderPride

@LJohnsen Loving the @sskroughriders love shown on Twitter tonite, true #RiderPride &respect for our boys. Thank you-long live #Riders & #Ridernation

@DawnMLee75 @tmaze4 great season!! Can’t wait to watch you next season. You are a beast out there on the corner!! #RiderPride grey Cup Regina 2013!

@briannejay That game was incredible! So proud of the way my #riders played:) #RiderNation is still proud!! #WSF #crazygame #istillloveyou

@Tammyprost @dariandurant, Proud of you DD and the whole team, Hold your heads high and be proud! Thanks for the a great season. #riderpride

@millertimesz Feelin bad for @dariandurant …he played a great game…well done sir! #riders #wsf

@Kimmerz101 Will still be wearing green and white at the Grey Cup this year! @sskroughriders #fanforlife #cfl #wsf #lovemyriders

@deannasummers 🙁 🙁 🙁 #Riders. such a thrilling game to be at! but so sad to end the season. #WSF #100GC #riderpride #5eva

@BradQuiring What a wild one. #WSF #Riders Next year! Thanks Green & White for another year of pride.

@jamesonkj Gotta keep this group together. We gonna be a team not to mess with next year!! #Ridernation #Riders #riderpride #GreyCup2013 #yqr

@Tina_Giesbrecht Couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining game. Crappy ending though 🙁 Still love ya #Riders! #RiderNation #WSF

@jenniferralph10 Riders Lost :'( oh well. Always next season boys! #Riders #RiderPride !!!

@MichelleSMK @Sheets24K don’t apologize!!! True Rider fans love you win AND lose!! Keep ur head held high #riderpride

Awards Chatter

Chad Owens and Jon Cornish were named the finalists for this season’s Most Outstanding Player honour, while a number of other players also headlined this year’s nominees. It’s been a memorable season, between Owens breaking the single-season all-purpose yardage record; Chris Williams breaking a single-season kick return touchdown record; Cornish breaking the rushing yards record for a Canadian; along with JC Sherritt breaking the single-season tackle record.

All have received consideration for awards, and you took to Twitter to express your thoughts on the nominees.

Don Bird No question Cornish will get the Most outstanding Canadian. But MOP? He had 1400 yards rushing….that’s been done many times before. Chad Owens had over 4000 all-purpose. That’s never been done before….

@andrews_ryan @kurganonlyone @jonnycornish @CFL Cornish is the best canadian and RB. Though I think that MOP is @Owens. #CFL #MOP. Made a bad team good.

@willge87 Congrats to @ChadOwens2 on winning the east MOP award. @Ticats fans are going to have a fit. #CFL @TorontoArgos #GibsonsPlayerAwards

Chad Kromm Cornish surpassed a record that was set over 50 years ago…ya no big deal. (Sarcastic)

@FenderGuy69 This year’s MOP award should be interesting. Does Owens drop the trophy if he wins or do Cornish’s pants fall down if he’s called up? #CFL

Dave Stout Wow once again the the Riders get over looked big shock right?NOT!

kyleschaub @JasonGregor Owens moved the football in all offensive areas. Cornish had a great year running the ball.

Mike Zacharkiw Riders,Riders,Riders, blah blah blah! (Who cares about a sub 5 hundred team anyways). Chris Matthews for ROY!

@jreppon @CFL @jonnycornish @ChadOwens2 i would have to say cornish. Hasn’t had as many fumbles as Owens and cornish hasn’t missed a game

John Henderson Let’s see?? You can take Cornish, Owens or — for sake of argument — Travis Lulay!!! Who yah want??? Thought so!!! It is after all a “quarterback driven” league!! ‘Nuff said..

James Irwin Feel free to award Matthews the league’s top rook now. No competition what-so-ever in the west. How refreshing…

Rob Rodrigues Cornish will win MOC for sure. MOP could go either way. Both players deserving.

@njaffer23 @CFL @ChadOwens2 is good, but no doubt bout this one, gotta be @jonnycornish #CFL #100GC #MOP

L-A Gough I would not want to have to pick between Owens and Cornish it’s tough! Both are fabulous! Good luck to all the finalists for the 2012 Gibson’s Finest CFL Player Awards!

Terry Wilson Owens deserves the MOP, he is more versatile.

@murray_langdon Congrats to @jonnycornish for his MOP & Top CDN nominations. Well done and a big hand to the entire O-line for the support. @CFL #CFL


@Lionfan15 #ESF #CFL #Eskimos RBs today are going to be tough to stop for sure. Hugh Charles is so quick in space. Reminds me of Charles Roberts.

@joejameskireel What’s the line on whether or not Belli gets a 15 yard major foul penalty today? What’s the over/under of kisses he blows? #CFL #ESF

@seely76 Not sure which is better: Koch’s hair or mustache. #ESF #CFL #CFLonTSN

@argomania Loving the energy here at the Dome!!!!!! #Argos #ESF #ArgosLive #whoooooooo!

@PeterCooper Say what you want about the crowd at #RogersCentre but this place is Rockin’ #CFL #ESF @ArgosAdmirals

@march_magnus That might be the first time I’ve ever seen a shovel pass intercepted. #CFL #Argos #esks #ESF #argoslive

@ryanboy In other news, that was one crazy quarter of #CFL football. 31 points! Insane. #ESF

Bruno Branco At the game…loving what I’m seeing from the Argos! Just so long as they don’t implode in the second half.

@cduker Maybe the #Eskimos would be playing better if the roof were open. @CFL #ESF #Argos — #GoStampsGo in the #WSF

@march_magnus I could really go for a Baconator right now. Too bad the roads are so crappy. #CFL #Argos #argoslive #Esks #ESF #Wendys

Johnson Seahorse I’m at the game and the Esk’s are done. They should have had Nicols in a long time ago. They probably will now but it is too late. Joseph is not a good QB.

@joejameskireel That Kackert ride looks like fun. CNE could use some new amusement rides. Oh yeah, Esks should be TACKLING, not goofing. #CFL #ESF

Georges Langer This game lost its feel pretty fast. Enjoy this while you can, Argos, because next week, it all ends!

@Netstryke You have to admit. The #Esks ain’t going down without a fight. #GottaRespectThat #ESF #Argos

Stacey Urbanoski Garand Wishing Nichols well as he recovers from what appeared to be a pretty bad injury. I am not an Eskimo fan, but finds it very unfortunate when any player gets injured.

Lbj Chester Argos will run over the Als! I hate the Argos but they are firing on all cylinders and will make quick work of aging Anthony, and his Als.

@BoneCreekSK A few players on Edmonton #Eskimos played their way off next year’s team today #cfl #CFLPlayoffs #argos #ESF

@Lionfan15 #ESF #Argos #Eskimos happy for Braley, Milanovich and Barker. All good men and good for the #CFL now get more bums in seats TO!


@wrobertdalton Slowly but surely John Huffnagel is making me feel stupid when I thought #stamps would lose when Tate was announced as the starter #WSF

@7Megann Well #Riders I’m pretty sure my great grandmother who is turning 105 in a couple days would play better than you right now.. C’mon #CFL #WSF

@cee_mart If we lose this game really close, and that blocked point after is the difference, I will be absolutely inconsolable. #Riders #CFL #WSF

@RanelleC Gotta let those events go and play a full 30 minutes in the 2nd half… #Riders had some nice offensive plays & are in it. #GORIDERS #WSF

@cflmania Riders shooting selves in foot. Missed tackles. Penalties. Just play football. We shutdown Taint and Cornhole #WSF #Riders

@MissLilDvl Tate needs to calm down! Screaming at Refs, his own teammates… Just “Keep Calm & Play Football” lol… Or let Glenn in! #WSF #CFL

@march_magnus #Riders need TD on final drive to win. We’ve seen this a few times already this year. #CFL #WSF

@MarcSmith18 Wow now everyone saw what the East side stands at Mosaic got to see. Pull up your pants Cornish #WSF  

@Lionfan15 #WSF #Stampeders #CFL #NoLeadisSafe Well guess what? The #Riders left too much time on the clock in taking the lead

@Predator_23 Busted coverage at this time?…. #nowords… #CFL #WSF #Riders

@joejameskireel Gotta LOVE the pump fake. Why don’t we see it more often? #WSF #CFL

@rawrin_lamb All this adrenaline coursing through my veins cannot be good for my heart… #CFL #WSF #Stamps

@cwright204 #Stamps hold on, wild finish to an awesome game #WSF #NoLeadIsSafe

Chad Kromm No excuses, Stamps won that game fair and square. How bout that blocked extra point! Never seen that before!

Barry Stevens One more reason CFL is the best football !!!! Awesome game awesome finish wowwwww

Toni Wheeler-Swanson Great job rider nation, and our team played there hearts out sometimes it just isn’t what I meant to be…

Leslie Anne Zubick Drew Tate Did an Awesome Job & Look Out BC, You Fans out there think your Team is #1 – THE STAMPS ARE #1

Tony Wurtz A.B.C. = Anyone but Calgary. Nice for Drew Tate though as he honors his grandma.

Tim Sheets way to go boys and help tate win won for his grandma great game tate and the rest of the team

@rynox Another wild finish between the #riders and stamps, but if it wasn’t for the last 12 seconds of the 1st half we would probably be in OT #WSF

Jay Maki I had my doubts going into the western semi-finals with the Stampeders decision to go with Drew Tate but I was pleasantly surprised!!

Jackie Yochim Great game! Down to the wire! Hoping the Riders would win but not this year! Wanting Kevin Glenn to win a long awaited Grey Cup!

@andrews_ryan DD thows 4 tds, over 400 yards, and one turnover. defense did not make plays when needed. This loss is on defense not DD. #Riders #WSF

Nathan Graham One of the best CFL playoff games I’ve seen in awhile. Both teams played excellent and both deserved the win.

Dennis Sells Player of the game was Ralph the Dog !