May 1, 2013

CFL Draft expanded to seven rounds

Pawel Dwulit/ Staff

TORONTO — With the depth of the football talent in Canada continuing to expand, the CFL Draft is following suit.
The Canadian Football League announced today that it has expanded its draft from six to seven rounds.

“The talent of football in Canada is the strongest it’s ever been,” said Kevin McDonald, CFL Vice President of Football Operations. “And with this increase in the depth of Canadian talent, we wanted to ensure our teams had an increased opportunity to draft, train and coach Canadian players.”
The seventh round selection order is determined by waiver priority. The order for that round is as follows: Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Montreal, BC, Calgary, Toronto. Click here to view the full Draft selection order.

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The 2013 CFL Draft is scheduled for Monday, May 6 at Noon ET on TSN.
There will be a total of 60 draft selections in this year’s draft. This includes Ottawa’s four draft selections at the end of each of the first four rounds in which they can only select NCAA red shirt juniors. In 2014, with Ottawa returning to the league, the CFL Draft will include a total of 63 draft selections.
Last week, the CFL Scouting Bureau published its final edition of the top ranked players heading into this year’s draft. Click here to view the rankings.
In March, the league held its CFL Combine presented by Reebok in which 55 players participated. Click here to view the results.
League rules permit teams to bring 75 players to training camp plus players selected in the 2013 CFL Draft, two additional non-imports, players selected in a previous draft by the team that have never attended a professional training camp in Canada or elsewhere, any junior player who has been identified to the League Office (to a maximum of four per team), a Rookie non-import quarterback who is participating in training camp at the quarterback position and an underclassman non-import quarterback who is ineligible to sign a contract or play in a pre-season game.