May 5, 2014

The Great Debate: Your favourite uniform Staff

TORONTO — The REDBLACKS unveiled their uniforms to the CFL world on Tuesday night, capping off 11 long months filled with anticipation from fans in Ottawa and across the country.

The uniform mixes the classic look of Ottawa football in red, black and white with bold new styling, which includes jerseys with numbering based on the team’s saw-blade logo, paying tribute to the history of the lumber industry in Ottawa-Gatineau.

The REDBLACKS will wear a black jersey, black helmet and black pants with red trim when playing at home at TD Place. The road uniform consists of a white jersey, white helmet and white pants with black stripes and red trim.

If you voted in the first edition of this Great Debate, have the REDBLACKS swayed your vote following the release of their new duds?

Or do the classic Green and White of the Roughriders still take the cake in your mind? How about the famed Double Blue of the Argonauts?

Who can deny the beauty of the Ticats Black and Gold? What about Edmonton’s Green and Gold? Or Winnipeg’s Blue and Gold?

Is BC Orange and Black more your speed? Maybe you’re more of a Stampeders Red type of person. The Alouettes have only been around since the mid-90s, but there’s no denying that their dark red, white and blue have their place in the jersey history books.

We’re sure we can go back and forth forever – alongside all of you – on which uniform is quote unquote best, but we’d rather leave that to you.

Today’s Debate: What is your favourite current jersey in the CFL?