May 29, 2014

Lots to Say: 8 best quotes of Johnson’s presser Staff

MONTREAL — Much has been made about Chad Johnson’s first official press confernece with the Alouettes. counts down his 8 best quotes from Wednesday’s media gathering.

8. On his goals for this season.

“Find the fine line of consistency. There will be mistakes; Chad will drop a ball, Chad will mess up.”

7. On his first celebration when he scores.

“My first celebration would be a thank you to Montreal in general, a gesture to Popp, Alouettes, the City of Montreal.”

6. At 36-years old, is your goal to go back to the NFL?

“No, no, I don’t need to go back. This is fine. If I was playing with the sisters of the north, my goal would be able to be the best part of the sisters of the north as possible.”

5. On the debate of translating “Ochocinco” to French.

“It’ll be huit cinq, if you were to convert it, which I won’t be doing any of that stuff. I’m just coming in as Johnson, which was when I was at my best.”

4. On what went wrong in New England.

“What went wrong with Marc Anthony and J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez)? It’s perfect. Think about it, when you think about it Chad Johnson, Tom Brady it’s going to be great. When I think of Marc Anthony and J-Lo it’s going to be great, it didn’t work out. Why didn’t it work out? I don’t know.”

3. Who’s J-Lo then (You or Tom Brady)?

“I look better than Tom, so I’m J-Lo.”

2. Ahman Green only lasted about a day or two here in Montreal, what makes you think you can win a job on the fly.


1. Will you and Troy have a problem clicking?

“We’ll click fine. We’ll be wifi, we’ll have a nice connection.”