June 3, 2014

CFL extends ratification bonus deadline


TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has informed the CFLPA negotiation committee through the mediator that they are prepared to extend the deadline for the ratification bonus until Friday, June 6 if the CFLPA wanted to have its members vote on the CFL’s latest proposal, which was put forward on Wednesday, May 28.

“We have made our best offer and continue to believe the CFLPA should allow its members to vote on our offer,” said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon.

“The most recent CFLPA proposal, which was presented to us yesterday through the mediator, would not form the basis of a settlement as it was unrealistic.

“Our offer increases the average player salary by 16% in 2014, to more than $96,000 per player, and significantly reduces the number of padded practices throughout the season. Our proposal also includes ratification bonuses of $5,000 for veteran players and $1,500 for rookies. We are confident that our offer is fair to the players and would allow us to continue to build our league while not jeopardizing the positive momentum we have collectively achieved over the last several years.”