August 5, 2014

Bold new CFL Signature Uniforms coming soon Staff

Toronto – Canadian Football League teams are preparing to debut bold and exciting new CFL Signature Uniforms from Reebok later this summer, the league announced today.

“Our fans are absolutely going to love these innovative looks,” said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. “We respect tradition and our teams are very proud of our current home and away uniforms. But the CFL Signature Uniforms are intended to be bold and eye catching and push the envelope. And Reebok has worked hard with our franchises to deliver something really exciting.”

The product of eighteen months of consultation, design and manufacturing, each CFL Signature Uniform will be worn by its team twice this year, and again into next season.

“These are complete uniforms – everything, from head to toe, including helmet, jersey, pants, socks and even gloves – and they are entirely new,” said Sara Moore, VP Marketing for the CFL. “Each one tells a story about its team, what that team stands for, and the fans who stand with it.”

Fans got a bit of a sneak preview of the approach when the BC Lions debuted their new CFL Signature Uniform a year early, in 2013.

“The Lions were our forerunners last year and the fans snapped up the jersey that was at the centre of the team’s bold new gunmetal look,” said Stewart Clark, Marketing Director for Reebok Canada.

“So we’re really thrilled to see how Canadians right across the league react to the CFL Signature Uniform Program. It’s been a labour of love for us at Reebok, and an opportunity for some of our most fashion-forward designers, most creative minds and biggest CFL fans to give their own fresh twist to the teams’ uniforms.”

Later today, the CFL will issue a schedule on its Instagram account (@CFL_Official), which will expose the dates each team is slated to release its new CFL Signature Uniform. The Instagram account will also feature player reactions from some of the CFL’s biggest names.

And more details – including news on when and how fans can get their own CFL Signature Jerseys – will be available at and the league’s family of digital properties in the days ahead.

“With new stars emerging on the field, new stadiums dotting the CFL landscape, and new fans joining our loyal supporters, today’s CFL is poised for a bright and bold future,” Cohon said.

“These new uniforms capture that spirit and reflect our momentum. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see our teams proudly wear them and our fans react to them.”