August 12, 2014

Bold Blue Look: Argos unveil CFL Signature Uniform

Reebok/CFL Staff

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts officially unveiled its new CFL Signature Uniform from Reebok to fans during tonight’s home match against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The team will wear the uniform for the first time on the field at their next home game on Sunday, August 17 against the B.C. Lions at Rogers Centre.

“Our Signature Uniform delivers an ultra-modern style that preserves the history and tradition of our Double Blue colours, of which we are very proud. The ‘spaceman’ inspired design was developed over many months and included five concepts and two prototypes before we came up with a uniform that we know will be embraced by both long-time fans and new fans alike,” commented Toronto Argonauts Senior Vice President, Business Operations, David Bedford,

“In Greek mythology, the Argonauts were remembered as heroes who explored the ancient seas. This bold, new uniform evolves that notion to a more contemporary explorer, the astronaut or spaceman, and today’s final frontier, outer space,” he added.

Fans both young and old will appreciate the fun and futuristic appearance of this innovative design. Cambridge (light) blue is featured prominently throughout the uniform which is a departure from the team’s current primary uniform colour palette in Oxford (dark) blue.

The time-honoured ‘A’ logo has been enlarged and crested across the chest, in place of a jersey number, to symbolize team before individual. Stitched proudly across the back of the jersey is TORONTO to celebrate the city that the Argonauts have called home for 141 years as well as their fans.

The font used throughout the uniform mimics that of NASA, and the fading of the colours from Oxford blue to Cambridge blue on the edges of the jerseys and pants is a unique design. Even the socks have been modernized as the visible dashes are meant to emulate the computer age.

Look carefully at the base on the back of the helmet and fans will see the hashtag #ArgosLive.

“Reebok did an awesome job designing these jerseys. They remain true to the tradition of the Double Blue and their sleek style makes them look very modern. They are light-weight, form-fitting and they feel like they are part of the athlete who is wearing them. I know that my teammates and our fans will love them,” said Argonauts Reebok/CFL Signature Uniform player ambassador, Andre Durie,

Some of the more traditional elements of the uniform include the Double Blue colours, the ‘A’ logo, the club’s “Pull Together” motto is displayed inside the neck collar and dates back to the team’s rowing roots, and the blue stripe through the middle of the classic white helmet pays homage to Argos Grey Cup winning teams in 1983 and 1991.

The helmet will also display the team’s current shield logo.

The Toronto Argonauts will wear their Signature Uniform twice in 2014; once home and once on the road. The first time will be next Sunday, August 17 at Rogers Centre against the B.C. Lions when they will also wear their Signature Gun Metal Uniform, and then again at this year’s Labour Day Classic in Hamilton.