August 26, 2014

Mo ready to go: Price set to return to Stamps lineup

Nic Sgaggi | Staff

CALGARY — After missing the past seven games with a broken hand, Stamps receiver Maurice Price is set to make his return to action in what is perhaps the Red and White’s most important game to date — the Labour Day Classic against the Edmonton Eskimos.

Price picked a good day to come back as this season’s second installment of the Battle of Alberta once again features the CFL’s top two teams, with each club sporting a 7-1 record.

But if it were up to him, he would have played last week.

“It was close,” Price admitted.

“But like Huff said and like the doctor said, it was kind of in my best interest to just give it another week without contact and just be smart about it in that way. If push came to shove, I probably could have and would have played. I’m ready to go this week.”

The fourth-year receiver is looking forward to getting back into the lineup and making an impact after such a lengthy absence.

“It’s been about seven weeks,” Price said.

“It feels like a long time so I’m definitely going to come into this week and this game giving it my all. It’s been so long and I came into this season with such high hopes and high expectations and kind of gave y’all a glimpse with that 102-yarder (catch-and-run touchdown in the season-opener). I have to pick up where I left off and that’s what I’m looking to do.”

Price joked about attempting to maintain his current average of 102 yards per catch.

“We never know. I’m the man at 50(-yard) plus touchdowns,” boasted a confident Price. “Yeah, it’ll probably come down but as long as I’m contributing and being consistent and making plays, then that’s all that matters. We’ll let the numbers take care of themselves.

“I’m ready to go. I’m fast as ever, I’m in shape. Is it Labour Day yet? Let’s go.”