The Roughriders Billboard Saga Continues… In Winnipeg

0-9 doesn’t stop these Roughriders…

UPDATED: September 4, 2015.

We’ve seen what the Riders did in Ottawa earlier this season below and what they’ve done in the past… well they’re back at it in Winnipeg.

The Bombers have yet to respond, but we love the relentlessness of the Riders.  They carry a 10-0 record in the last 10 Labour Day Games into Winnipeg so it could be time to get win #1!

That said, the Roughriders and their fans do not lack for bravado and they love making their presence felt before they travel to play a road game.  They are known for buying billboards in other cities…. They’ve done it in Winnipeg and BC.


And even taunted the Eskimos.


 Earlier in the season they turned their attention to the East Division and the REDBLACKS and they were having NONE of it.  

A bit surprising to see the 0-9 Riders still coming at other teams but we love it.  Either way, well done Riders but also well done REDBLACKS for giving them a taste of some smack talk.