CFL Announces 2020 Grey Cup to be Most Northern Grey Cup Ever!

The Grey Cup is going North in 2020!

TORONTO – The Canadian Football League is excited to announce that plans are officially underway to take the Grey Cup where it has never gone before.

After years of planning, excavation and business case analysis, the 108th Grey Cup will be played at its most Northern point in history, a secret Arctic location.

It is important to bring the league to all Canadians and after careful deliberation, the league is thrilled that we are taking the big game where it has never been to kick off the roaring 20’s.

Most Northern Grey Cup

While the league is aware that the weather and sunlight could be a factor for viewing and broadcast, plans are already underway to light the area due to the scheduled 2:01pm sunset time for November 29, 2020. The league feels the 5 hours and 18 minutes of sunlight that day will be sufficient for set up and stadium preparations.

In addition, with the support of our partners, a full stadium will be installed and airlifted in via helicopter to ensure max capacity of over 50,000 for the big game, the first in Arctic history (rendering above).

For those looking for tickets to the event, they can apply for the ticket lottery for the secret location tickets by tweeting @CFL with the hashtag #SecretGreyCup.