Remembering Devin Scullion – The Ultimate Ticat Fan

The CFL lost one of its mightiest fans this past week.  Brodie Lawson remembers him and what an incredible person he was…

I learned today of the passing of Devin Scullion – Ticats super fan, CFL lover and champion to many (present company included). Devin was small but mighty; he had a brilliant smile, a laugh that filled any room, a wicked sense of humour and a distaste for the Toronto Argonauts. The guys veins were pulsing black and gold and as I came to learn he embodied Steel Town

I met Devin in 2013 when I interned for the Ticats, we became buddies quickly and  stayed in touch occasionally over social media. This past summer I was overjoyed to reconnected with him in a pretty special way. With the help of Shelley Austin (wife of Kent) and Devin’s amazing mother Jamie we planned a pretty incredible surprise for an even more incredible man.

I remember it SO clearly- I snuck down Devin’s quiet Hamilton street holding the Grey Cup…hoping none of his neighbours would tip him off. I knocked on the door and Jamie had him answer this is what happened

As wonderful as this surprise was for Devin, selfishly I have to note it will go down as one of the greatest joys of my life. Watching Devin’s eye’s light up (and tear up I don’t think he’d mind me saying) his hands tremble with excitement, he could barely get a word out. It was beautiful.


Many of you wrote to me and to Devin about how great this story was, how you loved this surprise and that it moved you – it moved you because of Devin. I think you could see the mix of strength and vulnerability, of scrappiness (only towards the Argos) and immense warmth, of grit and complete sweetness- he was Hamilton Tiger-Cats football.

Being near Devin meant knowing Devin because his spirit demanded you check any of your guardedness at the door – I wonder if he knew that? He disarmed people in the most incredible and unknowing way ensuring that your time together was spent connecting person to person. His sense of humour really was wicked, his laugh really did fill the room and his vulnerability insisted you tear whatever mask you were wearing right off. The raw, pure, and open nature of these encounters struck you and stuck with you; a true blessing. This is partially why this loss hurts so much, because in meeting Devin you knew Devin and he in turn knew you.


My heart breaks for everyone touched by this incredible man. My thoughts and prayers are with Devin’s wonderful family, who like you reading are a part of the fabric of the CFL family. Devin, you will be missed – thank you for bringing joy and hope to so many –   Oskee-wee-wee.