Masoli joins CASEProject to promote academics & football in American Samoa

Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, in conjunction with CASEProject and former NFL quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson, announced Tuesday a week-long program that will take place in March from the 6th to 13th to promote literacy, football and mentorship in American Samoa.


Ticats QB teams up with former NFL & CFLer Bethel-Thompson for week-long program in March

Masoli, who was born and raised in San Francisco, California and graduated high school in Hawaii, has strong ties to his Samoan roots. He has now partnered with CASEProject to assemble a team of athletes and educators to create a program to empower the youth of American Samoa. CASEProject is a Bay Area nonprofit working to change the pedagogy of sport by creating environments of holistic development through athletics. This free program seeks to impact the Samoan youth with the goal of creating a foundation for self discovery and empowerment within themselves, their family, school, team and Fa’a Samoa (Samoan Way).

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of this innovative program and give back to American Samoa,” said Masoli. “We’re looking forward to interacting and learning from these Samoan students, while empowering them in their pursuit of excellence in sports, academics and the arts.”

The week will consist of four main elements, including Literacy Workshops, Football Skills Camps, Coaching Seminars, and a Performance Day. CASEProject will run Literacy Clinics with a staff that includes professional educators and coaches that will conduct a series of writing workshops and dream enacting seminars. They will challenge the students to pursue an understanding of their power as holistic learners, developing skills and passion to achieve their dreams.

CASEProject, with the help of current professional football players, youth trainers and coaches, has developed a highly intensive Football Skills Camp that teaches high-level aptitude in both the physical and mental aspect of football, as well as the development of large scale athlete movement patterns and physical training.

With two professional quarterbacks Masoli and Bethel-Thompson in the fold, the Coaching Clinics will be focused on teaching the intricacies of the passing game offense, while integrating a discussion of how coaches can best prepare their young athletes for success in high school and for the demands of collegiate athletics. The topics of this seminar will include NCAA clearinghouse, SAT, and GPA qualifications, insights into the recruiting world of college football, and coaching techniques to bolster youth development for athletes and enhance the development of team dynamics and team leadership.

On the last day of the week-long program, CASEProject is planning a day that includes two football clinics for middle school and high school age youth, and a literacy showcase that will display the work and talent of Samoan youth. Athletes will run through a combine demonstration and the coaches will instruct the participants on the intricacies of those physical tests. The week will be celebrated and concluded with a spoken word performance to present the voice of Samoa and the prowess of the Samoan people.


More About CASEProject

CASEProject was founded with a belief that inspired and empowered youth can bring positive change to their communities and environments. CASEProject programs include sports camps for developing self-confidence, health, wellness, and teamwork amongst peers, as well as developing sport specific athletic skills. The education initiatives engage students through sports based curriculum, arts, community based problem-solving projects and cross-cultural exchange programs to broaden horizons and break down social barriers.