Ambrosie takes CFL diversity message to CNN International

TORONTO — After a not-so-subtle message was sent by CFL players, coaches and alumni this weekend — when members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and BC Lions donned ‘Diversity is Strength’ t-shirts — Commissioner Randy Ambrosie was interviewed by CNN International this week to talk about the initiative which has garnered significant attention over the last number of days.

“What we want to do is focus on the power of being positive and reminding ourselves how diversity has played a powerful role in who we are,” Ambrosie said in the interview which was filmed remotely via Skype.

“It is a lighthouse on a distant shore,” Ambrosie continued. “It serves to be a great reminder of how great things can be if we pull together.  That is how we feel about it, again, I can’t tell others how they should handle their business but for us, this felt like the right thing to talk about at this important moment in time.”


The shirts were originally produced for a fall launch as part of the CFL and CFLAA ongoing celebration of Canada 150. After witnessing what transpired in Virginia last weekend, the league, along with both the Riders and Lions as well as the CFL Alumni Association decided to expedite their release and wear them during last weekend’s BC, Saskatchewan contest.