September 5, 2017

Roughriders climbing up Nissan Titan Power Rankings

Arthur Ward/

TORONTO — Look out Calgary Stampeders, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are coming for you.

The Stampeders are dominating the Canadian Football League after Week 11 but they may have some competition in the Power Rankings. The Roughriders rose two spots this week after its performance against the Bombers but can can they continue to rise and take over the top spot from the Stampeders?

The Ottawa REDBLACKS have also moved up in the rankings after winning its third-straight game.

More in this week’s Nissan Titan Power Rankings:


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This Week: 1 | Last Week: 1

The Stampeders are separating themselves at the top of the West thanks a victory over the Eskimos and thanks to a Winnipeg loss against the Riders. Calgary is running on all cylinders – offence, defence and special teams are contributing helping the Stamps to a 8-1-1 record.

This Week: 2 | Last Week: 4

If there were any questions about the Roughriders, they were surely answered last week. The Riders dominated for its third game in a row and moved up in the standings and in the Power Rankings. In the Banjo Bowl this week, Saskatchewan heads to Winnipeg hoping to continue its winning streak.

This Week: 3 | Last Week: 2

Can the Bombers get redemption over the Riders this week? Hoping to keep pace in the West and gain on Calgary for the top spot, the Blue Bombers will need a win over its West Division rivals.

This Week: 4 | Last Week: 3

The Edmonton Eskimos still couldn’t find the spark it had during the first seven games of the 2017 season last week falling to the Calgary Stampeders. They have a shot at redemption, however, as they host the Stamepders this week looking to add to their 4-1 record at Commonwealth Stadium and make up ground in the division.

This Week: 5 | Last Week: 7

The REDBLACKS are official on top of the East Division. With a win over the Montreal Alouettes this week and the Toronto Argonauts falling to the Ticats, the REDBLACKS have claimed sole posession of the top spot in the East. Since starting the 2017 season 1-6-1, Ottawa has won three games in a row. Can they make it four-straight this week against Hamilton?

This Week: 6 | Last Week: 6

The BC Lions remained stagnant in the Power Rankings this week as it spent Week 11 on a bye. Hoping to get back in the winning column this week, the Lions take on the Montreal Alouettes at home.

This Week: 7 | Last Week: 5

Two-straight losses have dropped the Argonauts two spots in the Power Rankings. Not only did the Argos lose the Labour Day Classic against the Tiger-Cats, they also may have lost yet another defensive lineman. Shawn Lemon left Monday night’s contest and his status is unknown as Toronto heads out on Week 12 bye.

This Week: 8 | Last Week: 8

Despite a loss in Week 11, the Montreal Alouettes are still just three points out of first place in the East. Darian Durant and co. will hope to expose a struggling Lions team this week as they head to BC for a Friday night matchup to start Week 12.

This Week: 9 | Last Week: 9

A lightning delay didn’t stop the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from nabbing its first win of the 2017 season. With a different quarterback on the field and a new coach behind the bench, Hamilton improved its record to 1-8, defeating its rival Toronto Argonauts. This week the Tabbies head to Ottawa to take on Ottawa as it looks for win number two.


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