Who Would Be Your CFL Wrestling Tag-Team Partner?

Maybe it’s the size of the players, or their tendency to say or do cartoonishly ridiculous funny things, but to me it’s always easy to find similarities with the CFL and pro wrestling.

The reminders come in different forms. On Monday, it was Ottawa beat guy extraordinaire and CFL talent-provider Tim Baines (his son Mitchell plays for the Ticats) who posted some vital info about goings-on in the Lansdowne area in November.

One tweet led to another.

It got the wheels turning here in the CFL office. Say that you returned home after a long day and found out that your entire family was being held hostage by an evil pro wrestling conglomerate. The only way you could get them back is to team up with a CFL player of your choosing and win a tag-team match.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher (this slightly edges out a loser leaves town match). Who do you roll with?

After some serious thought, I’d go with Edmonton offensive lineman Matt O’Donnell. He’s the perfect combination of size — six-foot-11, 350 pounds — power and agility that would compliment my slow, weak self. I’d go with Henry Burris as our manager. He’d be great on the mic and is enough of a physical presence that he could impact the match if those sorts of shenanigans are required (anything to get my family back).

Here are some other picks from around the office:


Singleton immediately began channeling his inner HHH.

CFL.ca managing editor Jonathan Rubinoff opted to pair with Justin Sorensen. “He’s a bigger, beefier Stone Cold Steve Austin,” he says. His manager choice: Chris Jones.

Kyle Scott, our video production supervisor, really thought it through.

John Chick – dude has a motor, which will make up for my lack of athleticism and cardiovascular training. PLUS he’s a family man,” he says. “He’ll appreciate the weight of the situation.

“My hype man is definitely Odell Willis.

“Team manager is Jason Maas, because in a pinch he’s tossing me a chair or screaming at the official while my partner jumps the rope and stomps my opponent a few times.

Robbie Abrahamson, our social media coordinator, went with Jerome Messam. Like Kane, he said. Big Red Machine.

We posted the question to you all on Twitter. Here are some of your best responses.

CFL-wrestling potpourri

Of course, there are a number of former CFLers that could play themselves in the ring, too.

Angelo Mosca, Jack Adkisson (Fritz Von Erich), Merced Solis (Tito Santana), Brian Pillman, Bill Goldberg, Lawrence Pfohl (Lex Luger) Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Joe Anoa’i (Roman Reigns) have all made stops in the league before moving on to fame in the squared circle. Mosca did a bit of both, wrestling in the CFL offseason before his career in the ring took off after he retired from football in 1972.