September 27, 2017

Manziel tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter he had ‘positive meeting with Ambrosie’

The American Press

TORONTO — Johnny Manziel has released a statement via ESPN’s Adam Schefter after the CFL confirmed that Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and the former Texas A&M star met.  In the exchange with Schefter, Manziel said he had a ‘really positive meeting’ with Ambrosie and that he is ‘ready to play’.

On Wednesday morning the CFL stated that it would not file a 2017 contract for Manziel with the Tiger-Cats or any other team but would be “eligible to sign a contract for the 2018 season and, if Mr. Manziel meets certain conditions that have been spelled out by the Commissioner, the CFL will register that contract.”

A full transcript of what Shefter posted on his Facebook page is below or in the tweet above:

“I recently had a really positive meeting with Commissioner Ambrosie and welcomed the chance for us to get to know each other and have an in-depth talk about a possible future with the CFL. I love this game and want to be back on the field in a situation where I can help a franchise in the long term. Over the past months, my agent helped me vet all of my options for playing, figuring out where I could be most effective and get back to having the most fun with the game I love. I’m ready to play today, but we all agreed with the Commissioner that it made no sense for me to join a team with only a month left in the season – it wouldn’t have been fair to my teammates, coaches or the fan base. I want to come into a team and earn my job day one, like everyone else. I look forward to preparing myself as best I can and look forward to what the future holds.”