Shawn Lemon Attains Ultimate Troll Status – Tries To Facetime Bo With The Grey Cup

Bo Levi Mitchell and Shawn Lemon are buddies.  This goes way back to their days playing together, hamming it up on social media and Lemon once facetimed Bo once during our live chat with him at the adidas launch!

They even joke that Lemon has never sacked Bo in a game…

But this recent troll may be the best yet?

It looks like Lemon is having his day with the cup and decided to snap a pic for Twitter of him riding shotgun with it..

However he wasn’t done there as Lemon was decided to have a little extra fun…

Yes, it appears Lemon tried to factime Bo while he had the cup… after just defeating the Stamps in the Grey Cup.

Oh wait, Lemon confirms it.

Too far or a good barb among friends?

Who knows, but Lemon still doesn’t have that elusive sack….