December 13, 2017

Ambrosie tells ESPN that CFL still in holding pattern regarding Manziel

The Canadian Press

TORONTO — CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie is in Bristol, Conn. this week meeting with ESPN and, while there, spoke with NFL columnist Kevin Seifert about the latest on the Johnny Manziel front.

The article states that Ambrosie and the CFL are  “awaiting the results of a multi-faceted expert analysis before deciding whether to approve him for play in the league.”

Ambrosie also spoke on the meeting he and Manziel had last September and said:

“(Manziel) represented himself incredibly well [in the meeting]. He was thoughtful. I found him to be authentic and sincere. I also felt like he seems to have come to a good place in his life. He was talking a lot about his family. Now, I should say that’s part of the problem. My bias is towards family. So when I’m with somebody in there talking about my family, immediately I feel good about the conversation.”

To read the full article with Ambrosie and ESPN, click here.

Chatter around Manziel has picked up over the last few weeks as the Tiger-Cats try and navigate through their quarterback situation.  Jeremiah Masoli is scheduled to become a free agent and last week, Head Coach June Jones sparked more talk about the Texas A&M product when he said he Manziel could be the best player to ever play in the CFL.

“I think he’d be the best player to ever play up here,” Jones told the league’s official podcast, The Waggle. “He can throw it and he can run it like nobody ever has been able to do.”

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Manziel is currently on the Tiger-Cats’ negotiation list and last September he did indeed work out with the Ticats. He also attended a meeting with CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie where it was determined that a contract for the former Texas A&M product would not be filed by the league in 2017.

In September, Manziel released a statement via ESPN’s Adam Schefter after the CFL confirmed that Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and the former Texas A&M star met. In the exchange with Schefter, Manziel said he had a ‘really positive meeting’ with Ambrosie and that he is ‘ready to play’.

The league then stated that it would not file a 2017 contract for Manziel with the Tiger-Cats or any other team but would be “eligible to sign a contract for the 2018 season and, if Mr. Manziel meets certain conditions that have been spelled out by the Commissioner, the CFL will register that contract.”