Can you spare $25K for a piece of Riders history?

REGINA — It might be a little too big for your rec room, but the giant Riders sign from old Mosaic Stadium is available to one lucky fan.

At a cost.

The sign is approximately five metres wide and 2.5 metres high, and is available at a buy-now price of $25,000. It’s the same one that used to hang above the video board at historic Taylor Field.

The old stadium closed its doors in 2016, while the Riders took reign of their new empire in 2017.

If you’ve got the money — and just the spot for the oversized piece of Riders memorabilia — the sign has been re-purposed to stand on its own and also rewired with a 110-volt plug so it can be plugged in.

So far, according to CBC Saskatchewan, 25 separate bidders have gotten the price up to $9,900 as of Wednesday morning. Bids will be allowed until Feb. 5.

Maybe the item won’t go for the list price of $25,000, but with Riders fans, anything is possible!