Little Olivia Sums Up What Adarius Bowman Meant To Edmonton

In a surprise move, the Edmonton Eskimos announced the release of long-time and fan favourite WR Adarius Bowman.  GM Brock Sunderland explained the decision, noting how much Adarius meant to the team and the city but cited salary cap implications as a major reason behind the move and had nothing but glowing things to say about Adarius.

All that said, there will always be heart break for fans when their favourite player is no longer on their favourite team.  Reality comes at you quick and no quicker than for Little Olivia who had the news about Bowman’s release caught on camera by her dad.

The reaction is exactly what you may expect but leave it to the ultimate good guy Adarius to tweet back and spin the positive!

Someone else even said they had to take their kid home from school he was so sad!

This is just a glimpse into what Adarius meant to the city of Edmonton and we know that he will always hold a special place in their hearts.  Wherever Adarius lands, we know that team is getting an awesome player and even more amazing guy!