Cahill family releases statement on passing of beloved coach

TORONTO — The family of the late Leo Cahill released a statement over the weekend as the CFL mourns the loss of one of the League’s most colourful coaches and executives.

The statement reads:

“Before he fell ill in January of 2017 our father and Grandpa was still lifting weights religiously and taking long walks whenever he could. Even as his health began to fail he was still razor sharp. Sarcastic and hilarious.  In other words, still Leo.

We are heartbroken to have lost him but take comfort in the outpouring of love he has received from his loyal fans and wonderful friends.

Thank you Toronto for what you meant to my dad and to our family. Thank you Canada for all the years you gave us.

It meant everything to him and to us.

With love and thanks,

The Cahill Family”

Cahill passed away last Thursday evening in home city near Atlanta, Georgia.

‘Leo the Lip’ coached the Toronto Argonauts three separate times, and had two Grey Cup appearances, once in 1971 as the coach of the Argos and a second time in 1987 as the General Manager of the Double Blue.

Cahill is one of the biggest names in Argonaut and Toronto sports history.  He will always be remembered as one of the finest, most colourful coaches in the game and perhaps the best recruiter of talent ever in the CFL.  In his time with the Argonauts he his credited with bringing in Argos greats such as Mel Profit, Jim Stillwagon, Jim Corrigall, Leon McQuay and Joe Theismann.  In 1999 he helped recruit defensive back Orlondo Steinauer to Canada who became one of the most productive safeties in the game before becoming a defensive coordinator in Toronto and Hamilton.