Top 5 CFL snow moments

It’s April and winter is still hanging on for dear life across most of Canada.

With the wild weather that we’ve gotten over the weekend, it got me thinking about all of the awesome snow moments we’ve had in the CFL over the past two seasons.

Here are the top five snow moments (let us know your favourite!):

5. Snow in Cow-Town

As they prepared for the Western Final last season, the Stampeders were greeted with a bit of the white stuff, as seen from this video from Joe Burnett:

4. Snow in the capital


There was quite a bit of snow falling at the Eastern Final in Ottawa in 2016 – you remember the game, right? The one where Kienan LaFrance was the hero, rushing through the white stuff for 157 yards and a touchdown? How could you forget?

3. That time Wilder Jr. didn’t care

Ah yes, right before the 105th Grey Cup presented by Shaw, when it had just started snowing, and James Wilder Jr. came out onto the field for warm up and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I just have one question for you, James… how?

2. Speaking of the Grey Cup…

Let’s just take a minute to remember the glorious scene that was the championship game in Ottawa.


1. The snow must go on…

And by snow, I mean show, but you get it. Shania Twain rocked TD Place at halftime while the snow was coming down. She entered on a dog sled (still one of my favourite moments, ever) and danced around on a snow-covered stage. Incredible, Canadian moment.