Check out the new logos on Montreal’s helmets

The second installment of Alouettes helmets are here.

Montreal started out with logo-less helmets in the pre-season under the notion that if each player made the team, they would ‘earn their wings.’ Those wings were added onto the team’s helmets for the month of June.

Now for the month of July, the Als have switched from the wings to the french horn logo. And they look sharp. 

Over the first four months of the season, Montreal will wear four different logos on their helmets as they pay tribute to the team’s history.

“The month of June (will be) our very first Montreal Alouettes logo from 1946, the wings,” said Etienne Boulay, Co-president of the Alouettes Alumni Association. “July is the french horn from 1970. August is the delta logo from 1974. And finally, in September, is the logo we’ve had since 1996, the A.”

You can see these new helmets in action this weekend as the Montreal Alouettes host the Ottawa REDBLACKS. Get you tickets here.