August 23, 2018

CFL relaxes officiating standard on touchdown celebrations Photo/Johany Jutras

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League is relaxing its standard for touchdown celebrations by removing the blanket prohibition on the use of props.

“The stakes in our league are very high and the intensity level is second to none,” said Commissioner Randy Ambrosie. “But at the end of the day, football is a game and it should be fun for players and fun for fans.”

Effective immediately, props can be used in a touchdown celebration provided they are not hidden in a player’s uniform or the goal post assembly, they are not demeaning or discriminatory in any way, they do not simulate the firing of a weapon and they do not unduly delay the game.

Under this revised standard, some touchdown celebrations seen in the league recently, including the use of a TSN camera and A-frame signage during last weekend’s games, would not be subject to an objectionable conduct penalty.

“This change came after discussions held by the Commissioner, presidents from the league’s member clubs and on-field officials and supervisors,” said Darren Hackwood, Senior Director of Officiating for the CFL.

“Everyone involved wants to reach the right balance between giving players an opportunity to express their joy and creativity and maintaining the pace and sportsmanship of our game.”


The standard for touchdown celebrations falls within the league’s broader standards and rules for objectionable conduct. Those will continue to apply and include a prohibition on such things as unnecessary physical contact with an official, throat slashes or any action with a sexual connotation.

As well, players who choose to use a prop such as a hand-held television camera or other private property assume liability should that property be damaged.