#GreyCupFitUp With The REKLAWS

Friends, we are just over halfway through Grey Cup Fit Up presented by Sunlife and I don’t know about you but I needed a boost! The mornings are dark, it’s getting colder and comfort food is a real thing. If you need some added info be sure to visit www.cfl.ca/sunlife to access more resources AND enter to win a trip to the GREY CUP! It’s so simple you should definitely get on that right now. If you win the trip you’ll get to see my newest workout buddies in action, the talented, fun and uber athletic brother sister duo of Stu and Jenna Walker of The REKLAWS!  I thought it was about time we checked in with our CFL family  who are in the midst of a whirlwind of success since you last saw them on CFL Game Time June 14th. No, they didn’t get to play Long Live The Night because of that insane rain delay, but you WILL get to hear it (and a few more gems) at the SiriusXM Kickoff Show on Grey Cup Sunday. I hope you guys enjoy getting to know The REKLAWS a bit better and learn how to get Stu’s arms and Jenna’s legs – I have a tough job people. Tough I tell ya. Enjoy!